Audio Visual Equipment for Hire Johannesburg

Audio Visual Equipment for Hire Johannesburg

If you have ever sat in a conference, seeing the speaker struggling to set up their laptop, then the screen, then the projector, then the laptop with the screen, then the sound system, then... You get the idea. Event Gear is a supplier of audiovisual equipment for hire. Never struggle with getting and then setting up Audiovisual equipment for your important conference.

When you might need Audiovisual equipment:

  1. Conference
  2. Hiring audio visual equipment for your conference will ensure that both your guests and speaker will have the best experience possible. Your speaker doesn't need to be concerned about whether or not the audience can hear them or see their important slides; they can focus on their speech and be sure the audience has a pleasant experience. The audience can easily concentrate and take in the content of the conference without having to strain to see or hear.

  3. Meeting
  4. Having an important meeting with multiple people can be challenging to organize and run. Hiring professional audiovisual equipment will take away the nervousness of needing to set up equipment.

  5. Wedding
  6. If you have ever been to a wedding. You have missed an emotional or hilarious moment that everyone else, except you, reacted to. Make sure it doesn't happen at your wedding by hiring professional AudioVisual equipment for your wedding.

  7. Workshop
  8. When hosting a workshop, your audience must be able to hear and see all materials displayed. Your audience might be unhappy and demand money back if they can't hear or see the education they paid for. Hire professional audiovisual equipment for your next workshop to make sure your students will leave happy and educated.

Event Gear Audio Visual Equipment Hire Includes:

  • Various Sizes of Projection Screens with Front and Rear projection capabilities
  • Data and Video Projectors
  • Outdoor/Indoor LED Screens
  • DVD and Multimedia Players
  • Presenter Aids
  • LED HD Screens on Stands
  • Laptops
  • Switchers and Presentation Control Equipment

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