Live Streaming Event Gear Hire

Online events are the new normal in a post COVID 19 world. It can be really easy to join or setup one of these online events if you are having casusal get-togethers. But putting on a professional business event is a different story - you need to think about how you are going to present yourself, how your attendees will see and very importantly, HEAR, you.

How to do Live Streaming Correctly

You need a lot of equipment to make sure your sound and video quality is going to be what your attendees are expecting - especially if your guests are paying to be a part of your event.

Modern mentorship has a flexibility that was not possible in the past, now mentees can get in touch with their mentors through face-to-face meetings and online interaction. Mentors can come from many places: Friends, family and business contacts can all play a role. Mentoring can either be structured or casual, depending on what works best for both parties. The most important aspect of the relationship is regular professional contact — no matter how it is carried out.There are two main factors to consider when forming a mentoring relationship. First, decide on the degree of involvement. The arrangement should meet the needs of both the Mentor and mentee, whether they choose to work closely with each other or to carry out conversations by email as needed. Second, determine the level of structure. If the mentoring is formal, there could be regular meetings with specific agendas and goals. In more casual arrangements, mentees might call on the Mentor as problems arise or when guidance is needed.

Online mentoring, or e-mentoring, is ideal for those who are looking for an informal connection or who are geographically distant from one another. E-mentoring is an interactive, long-distance relationship between Mentor and mentee. In today’s globally connected world, meaningful mentorship is more achievable than ever before. At the Transformation Legacy, all our programmes offer mentorship as the core intervention supported by training and other development initiatives. Personal development is a critical aspect of all our interventions, as we believe that the entrepreneur is the engine of the business; thus, their performance directly impacts the growth of the company. We design and implement customized enterprise development programmes with clear key performance indicators which ensure that the SMME achieves their business goals.

The Benefits

The benefits of an entrepreneur having a powerful business mentor are well documented – be it providing access to markets, helping to connect you with their powerful networks or providing critical strategic input at a crucial point of a business’ development. To get the most out of a mentoring experience, it is essential to choose a mentor who has a deep understanding of how business works. Although it may seem that the information learned in manuals and classes is enough, the knowledge gained from these sources is better absorbed and applied through the context a mentor can give. Especially for those new to the business, building a one-on-one relationship with an experienced advisor is a smart way to help ensure success. The Transformation Legacy is more than just an enterprise development company. Through our passion and our service offering, entrepreneurs stand to benefit as follows:

  • Tools to grow your business in terms of turnove
  • Ability to implement suitable systems and processes to anchor the foundation of the business
  • The Transformation Legacy becomes an associate that is your sound-board for ideas and an objective advisor
  • An opportunity to grow your entity to a company and brand that is sustainable
  • An opportunity to see your business through the eyes of a loving expert
  • Having a partner to help you grow the capacity of your team and staff members.

When you need it:

The Transformation Legacy team journeys with potential entrepreneurs – those who are currently employed and wish to take a leap into running their own businesses on a full-time basis.The programme provides aspiring entrepreneurs with the right tools and practical processes, as well as helping them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and spirit required to run a successful business.

We are passionate about SMME's and helping them grow

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