Liability Insurance

Liability insurance protects you and your business against insurance claims from injuries and damage to property or people. Liability insurance policies cover legal costs and/or payouts that you or your business would be held responsible for should you be found legally liable.Intentional damage and contractual liabilities may not be covered in liability insurance policies. First International Portfolio Managers helps you understand your risk and gets you the liability insurance policy that suits your needs. Liability insurance is a must for businesses who might be held liable for injuries to customers. You also need liability insurance if you could be held responsible for damages to others' properties. Liability insurance is for people who:

  • Drives a Car
  • Owns a Business
  • Practices Medicine
  • Practices Law
  • Anyone who could be sued for damages or injuries

There are a couple of different types of Liability Insurance:

Public Indemnity

Public Indemnity Liability Insurance covers a person, a business, an event, a contractor or a community-building for costs that can be incurred from legal action they are found liable for, loss or damage to property, death or injury, or economic loss resulting from their negligence. Although liability insurance is not required in all businesses, it is recommended in most industries as you cannot predict being held liable and it could be very costly. Public Indemnity Liability Insurance won't cover you if you are involved in known hazardous or criminal actions.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity Insurance is for people who perform services on or to their customers through the course of work or advice.

Product Liability

Product Liability Insurance covers damage or injury caused to people or businesses as a result of using your product. This is important liability insurance for any person or business who sells a product. Because people who believe your product injured or harmed them can take legal actions against you.

Here are some more types of liability insurance

  • Employers liability and workers compensation is mandatory coverage for employers. It protects the business against liabilities resulting from harm to or death of employees.
  • Officer and Director and Liability Coverage protects a business's officer or board of directors should the company be held liable in a legal matter.
  • Umbrella Liability Policies are personal liability insurance that protects against catastrophic losses.
  • Comprehensive General Liability Insurance is tailor-made for businesses.

It is important for any business and professional person to have the right liability insurance for them.

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