MiReward from MiWay

MiWay is an insurance company which constantly keeps the happiness of all clients in mind. As such MiWay has developed MiReward, which is a revolutionary concept, working as a reward for those clients in terns of a cash payment for not claiming for the period of three years.

The Benefit of Insuring With MiWay

As a result of the implementation of the MiReward incentive into the strategy of MiWay as an insurance company, clients can enjoy a number of exciting benefits. These benefits as provided by MiWay include:

  • a better premium as the result of no middle man
  • business and personal insurance clients receive the same benefit regarding the Outbonus incentive meaning that they are eligible for getting 10% back off their premium after not claiming for three years
  • full theft cover for contents, electronic equipment and stock; in comparison to the limited cover as provided by other insurance companies
  • face-to-face consultation with experts who are able to draw up unique and suitable insurance solutions for the individual
  • premiums are calculated based on a client's unique circumstances
  • easy to understand documentation which includes an individual client's insurance solution is provided and further supports the promise that "with MiWay, you always get something out"