MiWay strives toward providing business insurance that is simple, thorough and affordable - with no hassles; and this is exactly what you will receive when insuring with this outstanding insurance company. Business insurance as offered by MiWay brings together the best of both worlds in terms of call centre excellence and expert face-to-face advice. MiWay furthermore prides itself on business insurance solutions that are developed according to an individual business and their consequent unique business insurance needs and requirements.

The business insurance consultants of MiWay are greatly skilled in terms of having the necessary knowledge for assisting businesses in making the most appropriate choice surrounding the plentitude of insurance options which are currently available. These insurance consultants have the ability to tailor-make an insurance solution for any business in terms of their needs and risk exposure, hereby inserting flexibility and reassurance into the process of selecting a business insurance solution that is most suitable for the individual business.

Cover from Exposure to Business Risks

There are so many risks that businesses are exposed to on a daily basis, which have the ability to cause the potential failure of a business in its entirety. MiWay has a deep concern in the overall success of their clients' businesses for the reason that this insurance company is a business itself and in turn knows what is required to keep a business afloat in the times we are live today.

MiWay provides effective business insurance that includes cover for the following:

  • fire, explosion and earthquake
  • acts of nature (wind, thunder, lightning, storm, hail, flood and snow)
  • damage caused by bursting and overflowing of geysers and water pipes
  • malicious damage
  • power surges
  • impact
  • fire brigade charges

Business Insurance with Benefits!

The business insurance of MiWay involves cover for the majority of important aspects of business and as such this insurance company specialises in the provision of insurance for areas which include vehicles/fleets, buildings, contents, travel, employers liability, business interruption, electronic equipment, stock and money, employee dishonesty, and public liability.

There are thus great benefits to be enjoyed by all who obtain business insurance from MiWay and these benefits include:

  • Because MiWay does not deal through a middle man, businesses can as a consequence expect better insurance premiums.
  • Businesses obtaining business insurance from MiWay are eligible for the Bonus reward incentive, meaning that they will get 10% off their premium after three years of not claiming.
  • Business insurance documentation is clear and understandable, with no fine print stipulating hidden costs. MiWay is direct with each individual with whom this insurance company conducts business concerning their individual business insurance solution.

As discovered from what has been mentioned above concerning business insurance, MiWay should be your businesses number one choice when it comes to ensuring the protection of all your assets. MiWay is specialised in the provision of greatly efficient solutions for business insurance and many businesses are currently playing witness to their reliable services and expertise.

Why not become one of these happy clients and trial the business insurance of MiWay today.

MiWay , the insurance company where you always get something out.