MiWay has the ideal car insurance options available for both the personal and business car owner. Even though the personal car owner differentiates from that of the business owner, the car insurance options which MiWay has available for both have the same basic structure. This is because even though the use of a vehicle is not the same, needs in car insurance are. As such, the car insurance available from MiWay, whether for personal or corporate use, includes cover for the following:

  • Comprehensive Cover: Car insurance that provides cover for your vehicle in the case of accidental damage, theft, hijack, as well as injury to other people or damage to their property.
  • Limited Cover: Provides cover for your vehicle for damage caused by fire, theft, hijack, as well as injury to other people or damage to their property. Accidental damage is not included.
  • Liability to other Parties: Car insurance that covers you for liability to other people where an accident caused death or injury to them or damage to their property.

With optional cover that includes:

  • Vehicle sound equipment and accessories must be specified and are covered for loss or damage.
  • Car Hire provides you with a hired vehicle if yours is stolen, hijacked or damaged in an accident and is being repaired at the panel beater.
  • Vehicle Credit Shortfall covers the outstanding amount due to the finance company following a claim where your vehicle is written off, stolen or hijacked and not recovered.
  • OUT-in-Africa covers your vehicle (especially your 4x4) for use in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. It covers off-road use, repatriation to SA, emergency medical evacuation, personal accommodation and vehicle repairs.
  • Business use in neighbouring countries covers your vehicle for business use in Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland and Zimbabwe.
Low-Cost Car Insurance as Essential Cover

In addition to their normal comprehensive car insurance, MiWay also has car insurance available which has been specifically designed for the owners of cars that are older than five years, not insured, paid-off, or worth less than R50 000; this is essential cover.

As a lower cost-effective alternative to car insurance, the essential cover car insurance option of MiWay provides cover in cases such as:

  • when your car is damaged in an accident
  • if your car is stolen
  • if an accident is your fault and you are liable for damage to a third party's vehicle

Emergency Roadside Assistance

MiWay has a great additional service for all their car insurance clients. Help is a service of MiWay that will go all out to help you with any problem you may experience with the vehicle that you have insured with MiWay.

The roadside assistance provided by MiWay is done so according to a R5 000 limit and at a maximum of 2 incidents per vehicle, and includes the following cover:

  • breakdown (excluding accidents)
  • safe storage of your vehicle
  • flat tyre or battery, and keys locked in car
  • run out of fuel
  • hotel accommodation or alternative transport, and repatriation of your vehicle, if you are stranded more then 50km from home

It is important to note however that this roadside assistance is not covered under the Essential car insurance option, and materials, parts and additional labour are not included.


All this information and more regarding the car insurance options of MiWay is available for viewing and contemplation on their website. The car insurance website of MiWay is a great source to discover for yourself the various options which are available in terms of getting the most suitable and affordable car insurance available today.

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