Being an expert in home loans in South Africa, CKM Home Loans is the place to turn to when looking for the best home loan tips on the market; home loan tips which can aid speed up the process of loan application and further ensure that the best decision is made concerning the ideal home loan for the individual. CKM Home Loans is a company who has gained expert knowledge and skills and are thus a great source of home loan application advice.

Speed Up Home Loan Application

Applying for a home loan can be a mundane and often lengthy process which you really would like to get done with as quickly as possible. This is where CKM Home Loans comes in. They are experts in the process of home loan application and will assist you in making this task run quickly and smoothly as the result of the experience and knowledge in the intricate home loan industry in South Africa. As such, CKM Home Loans has the following home loan tips to offer which will aid in the speeding up of the process of applying for a loan:

  • Get a pre-approval certificate
  • Provide all the documentation requested
  • Pay your deposit on time. ( If applicable )
  • Pay the transfer costs on time
  • Sign all the documents on time. i.e. - when requested to

Avoid Delays

There are furthermore also a number of things which CKM Home Loans mentions that should be avoided if you are looking to get a quick yet still efficient home loan. As such, CKM Home Loans gives the home loan tip that the following should be avoided as they can delay home loan application:

  • Personal Information not provided by the seller/buyer
  • Seller doesn't provide details of the bank holding the existing Home Loan
  • Cancellation and Title deeds not provided to the transferring attorney by the existing Home Loan ( Bond ) holder
  • The Local Authority receiving the Rates Clearance Certificates late
  • The buyer does not pay the deposit. ( if applicable )
  • Delay in the provision of guarantees
  • If the buyer does not pay the transfer costs on time
  • If the seller delays the signing of the transfer papers
  • If the buyer delays in forwarding their income and expenses documents which are required by the banks
  • If the buyer delays the signing of the transfer documents

The Home Loan Expert You Can Rely On

There are so many more home loan tips which CKM Home Loans can give you which will essentially guide you through the entire process of home loan application. Why not get in touch with them today to get further home loan tips and find out more about what they have to say concerning the ideal home loan option for you which will match your personal finances and needs. They are here to help you and are the home loan experts you can rely on.

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