There are so many types of mortgage bonds which are currently available that it can be an often confusing and intimidating task when wanting to take out a mortgage bond which will be most ideal for you. This is where CKM Home Loans can help. With their in-depth knowledge in the mortgage bonds available and what each option entails, this mortgage bond originator is able to guide the prospective of a mortgage bond to eventually decide upon the best option which will match their needs and requirements.

These numerous types of mortgage bonds which are available from the major banks in South Africa such as ABSA, Nedbank, FNB, and Standard Bank, include a few of the options as listed below:

  • First time buyers Home Loan: This is a special mortgage bond option in that it is ideal for those who have never owned a property or taken out a home loan. With this mortgage bond, the banks will lend you more than 100% of the property value, enabling you to include the transfer and registration costs into the mortgage bond; and hereby making it easier for you to enter into the property market. No deposit is required with this option.
  • A Variable Home Loan: Given at the negotiated interest rate, this mortgage bond option is the traditional home loan optional. Home Loan rates are always negotiable, and are generally affected by the amount of the loan taken out. The smaller the loan, the less chance you have of getting below the prime lending rate. With this type of home loan, if the interest rates increases by 1 percent, your home loan rate will increase accordingly. If the interest rate drops, so will your home loan rate.
  • Fixed Home Loan Rate: With this type of home loan, your interest rate is fixed for a period of time; for one or two years on average. When considering this mortgage bond option do keep in mind that the interest will be slightly higher than the current loan rate. The beneficial advantage of this option is that it offers you protection from rising interest rates, so for that period of time you know what your bond repayments are. The only downside is that if the interest rates drop, your home loan rate will stay unchanged, resulting in you having to fork out more money at the end of the day
  • Capped Home Loan Rate: With this type of Home Loan, you will never pay more than the capped rate, as your interest rate is capped at a maximum rate of interest for a period of time. And if the interest rates increase, you will never pay more than the capped rate you have negotiated. The outstanding pleasure which comes along with picking this option is that you will reap the benefits in the case that rates decrease. Please do take note that this type of mortgage bond is not so readily available, and there is certain criteria required before your designated bank will approve your application.

For more information on these mortgage bonds and other options, speak to one of CKM Home Loans Mortgage Bond Originators and they will give you details and advise to set you on your way to taking out a mortgage bond you can ultimately afford and will enjoy in the long run.

Quick Mortgage Bond Application Online

CKM Home Loans has a facility online which allows prospective clients of mortgage bonds to apply quickly. Essentially this innovative service of CKM Home Loans has been well-accepted as it saves time and takes away the frustration which would usually come along with making an application for a mortgage bond. This is a free service, making another reason for the popularity of applying for a mortgage bond online.

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