CKM Home Loans is able to assist you in getting a Nedbank home loan that is most suitable for you as an individual homeowner with your own unique needs and budget. With experience in the process of home loan application, CKM Home Loans has helped numerous people in South Africa and put them on their way to a home loan which they can afford and ultimately benefit from. The Nedbank home loan is currently a popular choice as, being one of the major financial institutions in South Africa, NedBank has a long record of reliability and portrays only the highest of standards.

Get a Nedbank Home Loan through CKM Home Loans

The home loans of Nedbank are available in a wide variety of options and are flexible according to be able to match the unique needs of the individual. As such Nedbank's residential Home Loan is a flexible home loan that can be tailored to suit your own unique needs and home loan requirements. It can be used to finance the purchase of an established residential property or, purchase vacant residential land.

The Attractive Features of the Nedbank Home Loan

As mentioned, the Nedbank home loan is an ever-popular option to those in South Africa who are looking for financial aid for their home purchase through a home loan.This is because the Nedbank home loan has a number of attractive features which makes this home loan stand out from the rest. As such CKM Home Loans identifies the attraction of the Nedbank home loan through the following outstanding features:

  • Minimum loan amount - R 100,000
  • Maximum repayment to income - 30%
  • Term - up to 360 months
  • Loan to property value - up to 108%
  • Interest rate - fixed or variable interest rate

The Nedbank home loan is available in a variety of packages and solutions which can be tailored according the individual homeowner and the property which they have purchased. What's more, Nedbank's home loan options and value-adds can be combined to structure the ideal home loan solution for each and every individual client. Some of these Nedbank home loan packages can be listed as follows:

  • NedRevolve: provides you with flexibility and control to manage your finances more effectively and is an ideal vehicle to accumulate tax-free savings.
  • Further loan without registration (Readvance): gives you access to the capital amount already paid off up to the original loan amount without having to register a new Home Loan.
  • Further loan with registration: allows you to register a second Home Loan to extend or improve your present home.
  • Nedbank Accelerated Payments: enables you to pay off your Home Loan sooner than the term stipulated in your Home Loan agreement.
  • House Owners Insurance (HOC): protects the bank's interest and prevents financial loss to both the client and the bank. It is a condition of every Nedbank Home Loan. The HOC covers the property and the outbuildings, for example, the garage, swimming pool, walls, driveway and improvements, for the full replacement value.
  • Loan Protection Assurance (LPA) optional: ensures that your family is not left to continue meeting the bond repayments in the event of your death or disability.
  • Nedbank's residential Home Loan: a flexible home loan that can be tailored to suit your individual needs. It can be used to finance the purchase of an established residential property or purchase vacant residential land.

For more Information Visit the NedBank website which offers the following bond calculators which can be used for estimating costs to determine what you can afford:

If you do not know where to start or how to approach Nedbank for their home loans, CKM Home Loans is here to help, and will assist and guide you through every step of your Nedbank home loan application. They will even fill out your home loan application form for you!

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