Owning a home is a costly business, and so it is sometimes needed that a home loan be taken out. A home loan functions as financial aid to the home owner whose personal finances do not put him in the position to pay the cost of his home all at once. However, the various costs which come along with taking out a home loan are generally not so well known and thus not automatically taken into account by prospective lenders who in turn forget to include these costs in their overall budget; making this process unexpectedly too expensive.

This is where CKM Home Loans can help. As a well-established home loan originator with expert skills and experience in the home loan industry in South Africa, CKM Home Loans is aware of all that comes with taking out a home loan such as the additional costs, and can as such provide assistance to ensure that all prospectives get the home loans most suited to their needs and personal finances.

The home loan assistance service of CKM Home Loans has been specifically developed to help give clients navigation through the complex and quite often intimidating world of the finance industry. Furthermore, what sets CKM Home Loans apart from the other home loan originators in South Africa is their focus on the individual, which allows them to give the best assistance possible in deciding on a home loan option that will best suit these individuals' specific needs and personal finances.

The Cost of Taking out a Home Loan

As mentioned, there are additional hidden costs involved in taking out a home loan, which most people are unaware of. It is therefore a good idea to consider getting expert advice from a home loan originator such as CKM Home Loans who has the necessary knowledge in the available home loan options and their adjoining costs, and can as such assist you in the process to making the best decision.

Some of the additional costs involved when taking out a home loan include:

  • Deposit
  • Bond Costs
  • Transfer Duties
  • Conveyancing Fees
  • Deeds Office Levies and Fees
  • Rates and Taxes
  • Banks Charges
  • Home Owners Insurance
  • Moving Costs
  • Water Bill, Electricity and Household Costs

So if you are considering taking out a home loan, or even a second mortgage on your home, why not get in touch with CKM Home Loans and make use of their home loan assistance service. They are here to help you make this task a little less daunting by identifying the home loan option best suited to your personal finances and needs. They will even go so far as to fill out your home loan application for you!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Do not hesitate!

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