CKM Home Loans is a specialist in property loan registration in South Africa. CKM Home Loans is a bond originator who has been functioning in the property loan industry in South Africa for a number of years and has subsequently developed into an expert in their field. With the expert knowledge and outstanding skills, CKM Home Loans is the one to trust when looking to get assistance in the registration of an investment property loan. They will make it seem like a walk in the park.

Avoid Frustrating Delays in the Registration of Property

Applying for an investment property loan is a very stressful task and so a delay in the process of home loan registration is something which no-one wants occurring. There are however a number of things which can result in a delay in investment property loan registration. To avoid hick ups in the process, avoid the following from happening:

  • Personal Information not provided by the seller/buyer
  • Seller doesn't provide details of the bank holding the existing Home Loan.
  • Cancellation and Title deeds not provided to the transferring attorney by the existing Home Loan ( Bond ) holder.
  • The Local Authority receiving the Rates Clearance Certificates late.
  • The buyer does not pay the deposit. ( if applicable )
  • Delay in the provision of guarantees.
  • If the buyer does not pay the transfer costs on time.
  • If the seller delays the signing of the transfer papers
  • If the buyer delays in forwarding their income and expenses documents which are required by the banks.
  • If the buyer delays the signing of the transfer documents.

Speeding up Property Loan Registration

Applying for a property loan is something that one wants done as quickly yet as efficiently as possible. With their in-depth expert knowledge in the property loan industry in South Africa, CKM Home Loans is able to quicken the process of applying for a property loan by giving assistance throughout the entire process; they will even fill the application form out for you.

In addition to making use of the property loan assistance service of CKM Home Loans, take note of the following tips, and hereby speed things up in investment property loan registration:

  • Get a pre-approval certificate
  • Provide all the documentation requested
  • Pay your deposit on time. ( If applicable )
  • Pay the transfer costs on time
  • Sign all the documents on time. i.e. - when requested to

CKM Home Loans has the skills and here to help you. Let them and discover the pleasures which come along with getting assistance from an expert in the registration of property for a loan. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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