CKM Home Loans is able to assist you in getting a Standard Bank home loan that is most suitable for you as an individual homeowner with your own unique needs and budget. With experience in the process of home loan application, CKM Home Loans has helped numerous people in South Africa and put them on their way to a home loan which they can afford and ultimately benefit from. The Standard Bank home loan is currently a popular choice as, being one of the major financial institutions in South Africa, Standard Bank has a long record of reliability and portrays only the highest of standards.

Get a Standard Bank Home Loan through CKM Home Loans

With a variety of home loan options which range from the JumpStart option for the first time buyer to Switches and more, Standard Bank is a reliable financial institution to consider when looking to apply for a home loan. The JumpStart home loan option of Standard Bank is ideal for the first time buyer in that it provides these new homeowners the opportunity to purchase their own home even when they cannot even afford the deposit or up front costs.

So, if you are a new cash-stripped home buyers needing to find the money for the deposit, the transfer cost, and the bond registration costs, then JumpStart is the best home loan option for you. This is because JumpStart helps you by offering a higher loan to assessed value of your property - a maximum loan to value (LTV) of 108% is allowed; meaning that you can include costs like a deposit, transfer fees, and bond costs in your loan, which makes it easier for you to own your first home.

The Attractiveness of Standard Bank for your Home Loan

There are a number of home loan product options available from Standard Bank. All you have to do is simply choose which of these available options will best suit your unique circumstances and lifestyle. As such the attractiveness of choosing the Standard Bank home loans lies in the fact that the following options are available:

  • Dream Start: a home loan aimed at making home finance more accessible to low income earners. That is, those earning a single or joint income of between R1 500 and R6 000 a month, excluding housing subsidies or allowances.
    • You can apply for a DreamStart home loan if:
      • You earn a joint income of between R1 500 and R6 000 a month and want to buy a home
      • You are building a new home
      • You are looking to move to a bigger or better home
    • Taking your first steps:
      • A personal interview will be conducted with you where you will be guided through the home buying process, information will be shared with you, and an affordability calculation will be done
      • There are specialised consultants at designated branches who will answer any questions you have.
  • Life assurance: Standard Bank has arranged a life assurance policy to ensure that your loan is repaid should you die. This policy will settle the outstanding balance on your home loan account.
  • Repayment methods: To make your monthly repayments easier, you can pay your installment through a debit order directly from your account. If you do not have an account, ask your Standard Bank consultant about opening an E Plan account and arrange for your salary to be deposited in this account.
  • Interest: The interest rate that Standard Bank charges for lending you money is based on the risk to the bank. You will be advised of the repayment and interest rate that will apply to your account in your Letter of Grant. If you pay your minimum home loan installment on time every month, you may qualify for a reward after two years and again after three years.
  • Access Bond: If you pay more than your monthly installment every month, you will lower the amount of interest you have to pay and will pay your home loan off faster. You will have to apply for this facility and meet certain qualifying criteria.
  • Standard Home Loan: For most of us, a home is the biggest and most significant investment of our lives. It's more than just shelter. It's where we raise our families.

Standard Bank home loans offer you a number of choices, including fixed and variable rate options as well as a range of benefits that allow you to select the right loan for your needs.

For more Information Visit the Standard Bank website which offers the following bond calculators which can be used for estimating costs to determine what you can afford:

If you do not know where to start or how to approach Standard Bank for their home loans, CKM Home Loans is here to help, and will assist and guide you through every step of your Standard Bank home loan application. They will even fill out your home loan application form for you!

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