Emperor of Golf is a company based in the province of Gauteng in South Africa and consists of true enthusiasts of the golf of game. Their love of the game is evident in the way in which they conduct business with those who approach them for their services in arranging golf days and golf tours as, with the objective of creating a truly amazing experience for all who attend the golfing functions which they co-ordinate, they are in turn able to transfer their passion for the game to others.

With this passion, Emperor of Golf should therefore be the only company you turn to when looking to experience golf at its best. They they have the capabilities and skills required for making your unique function one to be remembered, creating the professional image of your company which you wish to be reflected to all who attend, namely clients and competitors.

The best and easiest way to get in contact with Emperor of Golf in order to utilise their services is through their website. The Emperor of Golf website includes fundamental facilities which make the events booking process quick and efficient, saving prospective clients a large amount of time and hassle.

Apart from saving clients time, the Emperor of Golf website is also determined to reduce possible stress which comes with the process of making payments online. Due to the numerous stories floating about regarding fraudulent theft and credit card payments, one is hesitant to provide credit card details for making a payment over the World Wide Web. Emperor of Golf can however give reassurance to all clients that when making an online booking via their website payments will be secure in that no credit card details will be revealed to unwanted parties. The website utilises the services of Virtual Card Services, thus meaning that secure payments can be made by all visa and master card holders.

What sets Emperor of Golf even further apart from other golf coordinators in South Africa is that through their website they provide South Africa's first online golf booking system. The Emperor of Golf website is greatly innovatory in the sense that a visitor is able to search for a tee-off time at a specific golf club or search for available tee-off times at golf clubs according to area specific criteria. No more are endless calls and negotiations with golf clubs required. With the Emperor of Golf website you can now identify the tee-off time and golf club of your choice and make a booking and payment online from the comfort of your chair. To discuss the online events booking system further:

  • The online booking system is online, meaning that tee-off times are booked in real time and bookings are confirmed immediately.
  • It allows you to make golf bookings at all participating golf courses nationwide.
  • The online booking system allows you to make golf bookings at corporate- and event golf days.
  • It enables you to plan your golf bookings well in advance of any holiday, business trip, or corporate day.
  • You can now make online payments of green fees, cart hire, membership fees, etc.

Some of the great features which the Emperor of Golf website has to offer its visitors includes services such as online bookings, online events bookings, the elite Emperor's Club, a golf trade centre, golf tours, and 3D golf software.

So if you are interested in making a booking or getting into contact with Emperor of Golf for them to co-ordinate your golfing events, why not pay a visit to their website and discover for yourself why they are the leading golfing events coordinators in South Africa.