Proper home and property management includes the mundane task of cleaning, carrying out repairs, and all the "have-to-do" activities which go with it. No-one really enjoys cleaning their home, we all just know that it is something which needs to be done and so unwillingly we perform this on a regular basis. However, having a holiday home means that you are unable to attend to this cleaning ritual yourself and therefore require the assistance of domestic cleaning services who are capable of performing these tasks on your behalf. Exact Property is such a company.

As a professional in the provision of domestic cleaning services, Exact Property has a list of clients who happily leave their holiday home cleaning in the hands of these reliable hands. Exact Property has been operating for a number of years, building up a bank of intense knowledge of the ins and outs of good home and property management and maintenance. And Exact Property is therefore the company to contact when looking for outstanding domestic cleaning services.

In order to ensure that your home and property is kept cleaner and healthier, Exact Property provides the following as included in their domestic cleaning services:

  • Full internal house cleaning and airing
  • A thorough cleaning of all rooms and windows
  • Gardening services and swimming pool maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Checking and changing light bulbs, time switch and plumbing once per calendar month
  • Collection, processing, filing and forwarding of mail
  • Key holding service for home and vehicle
  • Electricity requirement management
  • Weekly high-level home and property walk-through

Exact Property is like no other average domestic cleaning services company around. They aim to please, and so by servicing each client for their particular domestic cleaning needs and requirements. Exact Property sees each one of their clients, and in turn their homes and property, as important and will spare nothing to make sure that, as part of their domestic cleaning services, every little detail is attended to.

So what is keeping you from taking advantage of the amazing domestic cleaning services that Exact Property has to offer you? Get the best domestic cleaning services from this remarkable company. You will have no disappointments by contacting them today!

Exact Property, they have what it takes.