In order to make sure that one's home and property is kept in tip-top shape, it is essential that general maintenance tasks are carried out on a regular basis. What general maintenance entails is all those basic activities which are needed for the upkeep of one's home and property so as to present a good appearance.

Living far away from one's holiday home proves to be an obvious problem in terms of having the general maintenance performed as regularly as it is required. This is reason for the success of specialised home maintenance companies based in holiday areas such as Cape Town as there is a high demand for the services which they provide in terms of general maintenance and cleaning of holiday homes. The services which these companies provide solves the agitating problem of the care and maintenance which all holiday home owners have; and so the majority of these owners make use of professionals house keepers who, being based in for example Cape Town, can regularly carry out the much-needed general maintenance tasks.

Exact Property is one of the these house keeping companies. Being based in the popular holiday destination of Cape Town South Africa, Exact Property provides the much required services in general maintenance and cleaning of holiday homes. They are an extremely popular company with a client base which is constantly expanding due to the outstanding general maintenance services which they provide. What makes Exact Property a even more popular choice in house keeper is the special personal attention which they give to the homes and property of their clients, caring for these holiday homes as if they were their own.

Exact Property is however not your average house keeper as their services go beyond what is expected from a general maintenance company. To elaborate, besides offering services in cleaning and home maintenance, Exact Property offers additional services which include:

  • A holiday preparation service which involves the following
    • Pre-vacation clean and preparation
    • Preparing/storing beds, bathrooms, outdoor furniture, shutters
    • Groceries / shopping / fresh flower arrangements
    • Post-vacation clean, laundry, ironing and lock-up
    • Vehicle battery, oil, water and tyre pressure check
    • Vehicle battery connect (arrival) and disconnect (departure)
    • Geyser and gas cylinder activation (arrival) and de-activation (departure)
  • Food and entertainment services including
    • Flower deliveries
    • Catering
    • Equipment hire
    • Planning of day trips
    • Stocking of liquor, fridge and pantry
    • Satellite TV
  • Professional services which include
    • Transport solutions
    • Insurance
    • Healthcare
    • Laundry
    • Provision of cellular phone and airtime
    • Aupair services
    • Appliance repairs or replacement
  • Additional property services such as
    • Care of vehicle
    • Security reponse services
    • Gardening upkeep and care of in-door plants
    • Renovations, repairs, and maintenance of property
    • Electrical and plumbing services
    • Inventory assessment and replacement

Why the hesitation? Leave all the general maintenance and cleaning of your holiday home Cape Town South Africa in their reliable hands. With years of experience, Exact Property knows what they are doing in order to make sure that your property is kept in the best condition at all times.

Contact Exact Property today and feel your worries melt away.