Home care involves a number of tasks which need to be performed regularly so as to ensure that one's home is kept in top shape at all times. Cleaning as part of proper home care is something which no-one really enjoys doing but is just something which needs to be done as a clean home makes for a good impression; and it is really not enjoyable at all to live in a dirty house. This applies not only to one's residential home but also to one's holiday home.

Holiday home care is something that needs to get done on a continual basis but which home owners are not able to do themselves; living in either other provinces in South Africa, or even in other countries.

Exact Property are the holiday home care specialists. This means that, by utilising the house keeper services which Exact Property provides in terms of cleaning and general maintenance, you can be sure of the fact that your holiday home will always be clean and in a great condition.

Exact Property goes above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to holiday home care. This is due to the amazing services which they offer in addition to the general maintenance and cleaning of your home and property in Cape Town. As such, Exact Property provides a holiday preparation service in that they prepare your holiday home for your arrival. This service is popular among holiday home owners as no longer do they have to worry about carrying out simple tasks, but can rather just go straight into enjoying their vacation. Some of the tasks which Exact Property perform as part of their holiday preparation service includes the following:

  • Pre-vacation clean and preparation
  • Preparing/storing beds, bathrooms, outdoor furniture, shutters
  • Groceries / shopping / fresh flower arrangements
  • Post-vacation clean, laundry, ironing and lock-up
  • Vehicle battery, oil, water and tyre pressure check
  • Vehicle battery connect (arrival) and disconnect (departure)
  • Geyser and gas cylinder activation (arrival) and de-activation (departure)

What is stopping you from getting in touch with Exact Property to let them perform your holiday home care for you? They are one of the most professional and efficient house keepers in Cape Town South Africa.

Leave your holiday home care needs and requirements in your hands, and get used to being treated like royalty, with a vacation in your holiday home which feels as though you are staying a hotel.