Finding good house cleaning services you can rely on in terms of the general maintenance and cleaning of your holiday house in Cape Town South Africa used to be a difficult task in prior years. However, now that Exact Property is on the scene, things could not be any easier.

Exact Property will organise everything for you in terms of efficient holiday house care and maintenance. To elaborate, if repairs need to be done or improvements implemented, there is no need to worry because with Exact Property on your side, you can be sure that all this and more will get done for you. As such, with the house cleaning services of Exact Property you can sit back and relax, knowing that your holiday house in Cape Town South Africa is in the most trustworthy and capable house-caretakers' hands you will ever find.

Exact Property goes way beyond what is to be expected from a house cleaning services company. This is due to the careful attention they give to the fine details of your holiday home so as to ensure the outcome of an intimately clean house. The house cleaning services of Exact Property are therefore outstanding and offer so much more than that of the average house cleaning services company; performing the following house cleaning activities:

  • Besides general cleaning of bathrooms, in addition, grout will be cleaned regularly in order to prevent chipping, mildew and bacteria build-up
  • House fixtures will be cleaned and shined
  • Appliances such as the refrigerator will be washed off, moved, and surfaces cleaned underneath them
  • Cupboards will be packed out and washed out
  • Old products and expired spices will be discarded
  • Furniture will be regularly dusted and hardwoods polished to protect their shine and finish
  • Carpets will be professionally cleaned
  • Electronics will be wiped down and dusted
  • Where there's a fireplace, debris will be removed, and the brick and mantle washed out and cleaned

Exact Property will do everything and anything to make sure that your holiday house is kept at its cleanest and is properly maintained in your absence. There is therefore no reason for you not to immediately stop what you are doing to get in contact with Exact Property today. They are here to help and aim to please.

Get used to being treated like royalty because with Exact Property you can expect no less.