Exact Property is an expert house keeper based in Cape Town South Africa providing property upkeep services for top holiday home maintenance. Functioning as a house keeper for a number of years, Exact Property has built up the skills and knowledge required for keeping a holiday home in top shape; and as such, they provide the property upkeep services which owners of holiday homes really need and want for the efficient maintenance of their home and property in Cape Town. There is no better house keeper to get in touch with than Exact Property. They are the best, and have proved themselves over and over again in terms of going out of their way to ensure that your holiday home is properly maintained by performing even the smallest of house keeping tasks.

As a house keeper, Exact Property carries out the everyday tasks which need to be carried out to ensure that all is well. This includes a weekly walk-through inside and around your holiday home and property. Exact Property also provides a key holding service for the keys to your property as well as your holiday vehicle. This is a popular service as you can be sure that you will be able to get into your property at any time (when you have invited guests to holiday in your home or when unexpected circumstances arise).

To make sure that they offer their clients the best services in holiday home maintenance and upkeep, other additional house keeping services are also performed by Exact Property. These include:

  • Food and Entertainment Services
    • Fridge, liquor and pantry stocking service
    • Flower deliveries
    • Catering services, in-house chefs, meal provision and butler services
    • DVD & Video Hire
    • Satellite TV - smart card provision
    • Equipment hire
    • Day trip planning
  • Other
    • Airport pick-up and drop-off, transport solutions, chauffeur services
    • Cellular phone and airtime provision
    • Domestic appliance servicing and repairs
    • Insurance
    • Secretarial services
    • Au pair services
    • Frail care services, body guarding services
    • Gift services
    • Healthcare services
    • Dry-cleaning and laundry services

So, wanting to get a house keeper who can provide you with the property upkeep services and holiday home maintenance you desire? Then look no further. With Exact Property there are no disappointments, just a knowledge that all your house keeping needs and requirements will be efficiently sorted out on a continual basis.

Let Exact Property take care of the house keeping, and worry only about when your next holiday to Cape Town will be.