House maintenance tends to be a rather involved process which needs to be performed on a regular basis in order to ensure one's house is kept in top shape. To elaborate, proper house maintenance is an essential task needing to be performed if you want to ensure that the price of your house, and by that meaning the market value, is kept at its highest.

Exact Property is a company based in Cape Town South Africa which is specialised in performing the task of proper house maintenance, and by getting hold of them to carry this important task out for you on a regular basis, your house will be kept in the best condition possible. Exact Property's focus is however mostly on providing their house maintenance services to those who have ownership of holiday houses in the Cape Town region and who are thus, due to living in another province or even country, not able to attend to the regular care and attention which their house requires. Exact Property in turn aims to take away the stresses which the ownership of a holiday house tend to arouse.

Good house maintenance includes carrying out a number of things such as cleaning the interior and exterior, checking and making the necessary repairs, lawn and garden maintenance, and doing other tasks which aid in ensuring that any issue which could develop into major problems at a later stage are identified and sorted out. A detailed list of the tasks involved in general house maintenance is as follows:

  • Exterior
    • Check gutters and downspouts for possible debris to assure unobstructed water flow. This means visually checking shingles from the ground and being alert for any missing shingles or broken pieces.
    • Check all painted surfaces and identify any problems with deteriorating bricks.
    • Make sure that all windows and doors have not rusted and open and close properly and are secure.
    • General care and maintenance of the lawn and garden.
    • Maintenance of driveways.
  • Interior
    • Make sure both the heating and cooling systems are working and functioning at their best. Change the filter of the heating system and check coils for buildup. Check the water heater for any signs of leakage.
    • Check for possible leaks in the bathrooms, especially around the toilets and under the sinks. Also check for grout on ceramic tiles.
    • Check the operation of smoke detectors and if necessary change the batteries.

Exact Property can and will do all this for you and more. They are the house maintenance experts and the one to trust when looking to obtain help from another in the general maintenance of your holiday house.

So, do not let the issue of house maintenance stop you from purchasing your dream holiday house. Contact Exact Property and let them deal with the regular care of your holiday house.