Real estate management is performed with the hopes of stabilising or even increasing the market value of a particular piece of property in the case of possible profitable resale in the future. Real estate management and house and property maintenance go hand-in-hand. This is for the reason that because performing house maintenance ensures that the condition of a particular piece of property is maintained and kept at its best, market values can hereby be persuaded to climb.

Based in Cape Town South Africa, Exact Property is a specialist in real estate management as a combination of proper house maintenance and additional property management services which they provide. Exact Property is in fact the specialist to contact when looking for experienced assistance in real estate management and the general care of your house and property. To elaborate, Exact Property Management offers you a unique portfolio of services to ensure that your property receives the management, care and attention it deserves.

A lack of care to a house and property often leads to its deterioration to the point where expensive refurbishment is the only answer. Real estate management is therefore very important to complete on a regular basis and by ensuring that your holiday home is maintained on a permanent basis, Exact Property Management can assure that you property investment remains at the standard you wish it to be at.

Exact Property Management strives toward providing each and everyone of their clients with the peace of mind which comes with knowing that your holiday home is in reliable hands. Exact Property Management will go the extra mile for you as their client, and as such will even go so far as to prepare your holiday home for your arrival, meaning that your holiday begins as soon as you arrive in the spectacular city of Cape Town. With Exact Property as your partner in the property management of your holiday home in Cape Town, you no longer have to worry about simple things such as cleaning, repairs, and garden and lawn care, and other general property maintenance activities as they will do it all for you.

The monthly real estate management package of Exact Property includes a number of services such as full internal house cleaning and airing, garden and swimming pool maintenance, key holding services, etc. However, besides offering services in real estate and property management, Exact Property is furthermore able to find suitable residents to which you can rent your holiday property. Or, looking to make a purchase of a property house in Cape Town? Exact Property has a list of great properties from which you can choose.

So, if you are wanting to get real estate management assistance in the maintenance of your holiday house and property do not hesitate but contact Exact Property today for a free consultation. They will structure a property management package based on your particular needs and requirements, ensuring that you will get the maintenance of your holiday house which you require.