Recommended for their commitment to ethical business practices and the highest standards of professionalism and service in the industry of property management, sale and rental, Exact Property is predominantly becoming the company to contact when looking for services regarding the up-keep of vacation homes and property in Cape Town. With this in mind, it is no wonder why Exact Property has a large list of happy clients that just keeps expanding as they become more and more widely recognised for their great services and professional manner of conducting business.

Some of the great services provided by Exact Property as included in their service vacation packages can be listed as follows:

  • Regular maintenance and security inspections of your vacation home and property in your absence
  • When wanting to rent out your vacation home, complete advertising on the Exact Property website featuring pictures and details of your property
  • Vacation home sale and rental activity updates
  • Support services including transport, catering, and laundry

Besides offering commendable services in general maintenance and overall up-keep of your vacation home and property, Exact Property is also more than capable to rent your vacation home out for you to suitable tenants on a short- or long-term basis. Exact Property Management provides a comprehensive vacation property rental service. They will manage your vacation home and property and perform all duties required to appropriately rent your vacation property out. As such, the rental package of Exact Property includes:

  • Collection of monthly rent
  • Payment of rent to the client
  • Checking the property condition
  • Sourcing of new people to rent your property should it fall vacant
  • Taking care of any legal matters that should arise

Looking to purchase a vacation home in Cape Town? Exact Property has a list of spectacular vacation homes which are currently up for sale and in which you can invest by making a purchase. Buying a vacation home in Cape Town is prone to be a great investment due to the great popularity of the general region among not only national holiday makers but more predominantly those from overseas countries. Exact Property is a specialist in vacation home sale and offers full service, comprehensive property management, vacation rental and property investment sale.

So, from simple cleaning services, to security and insurance, organising groceries, transport, and general upkeep, to vacation home rental and sale, let Exact Property help make your vacation just that much more relaxing and enjoyable. Exact Property is well-qualified to deal with the finer details while you experience the vacation of a lifetime.