Vacation property management of a second home tends to be a rather stressful task to complete as the majority of owners live too far away to perform general vacation property maintenance activities themselves. This is where Exact Property can help. Based in Cape Town South Africa, they are specialists in vacation property management and are as such more than capable to take all the stresses of general maintenance of your vacation property off your hands.

The vacation property management services of Exact Property are comprise within a basic monthly package. As such, the monthly package offered by Exact Property in vacation property management include the following services: (It should be noted that any additional services, consumables or goods supplied in respect of or arising from this basic monthly package will be treated as custom services).

  1. Exact Property will provide a centralized billing service whereby, at the Client’s request, Exact Property will pay bills and accounts in respect of third parties on behalf of the Client. Exact Property will maintain detailed digital records of all payments made and retain original documents for the Client.
  2. Full internal house cleaning and airing – twice per calendar month (fortnightly). Any consumables used are included at no additional charge.
  3. Gardening service
  4. Exact Property will maintain any swimming pool at the Property. Any parts or consumables supplied are excluded and will be treated as Custom Services.
  5. Exact Property will produce and send the Client a report of the status of the Property twice per calendar month. The report shall include digital photos and will highlight any issues the Client may wish addressed or remedied.
  6. Exact Property undertakes to visit the Property to examine any issue raised by the Client as soon as practically possible.
  7. Key holding service (for home, vehicles, etc.).
  8. High-level house and property walk-through (weekly).
  9. EPM will be in direct contact with the Property’s alarm company. EPM will be informed immediately should the alarm be activated for whatever reason. EPM will perform a simple burglar alarm test fortnightly and report any incidents to the Client.
  10. Light bulb, time-switch and plumbing (drains, taps) checks – once per calendar month.
  11. Mail collection, processing, filing and forwarding services.
  12. Automatic activation / de-activation of newspapers and magazine subscriptions.
  13. Electricity requirement management.
  14. Proactive notification of home maintenance requirements with quote preparation.
  15. Open and close service:
    • Pre-vacation clean and preparation
    • Preparing/storing beds, bathrooms, outdoor furniture, shutters
    • Groceries / shopping / fresh flower arrangements
    • Post-vacation clean, laundry, ironing and lock-up
    • Vehicle battery, oil, water and tyre pressure check
    • Vehicle battery connect (arrival) and disconnect (departure)
    • Geyser and gas cylinder activation (arrival) and de-activation (departure)

Furthermore, the all-star property management which Exact Property provides includes additional services such as:

  • overseeing of month-to-month activities including lawn and garden care, pest control, care of swimming pool, general cleaning and maintenance, etc.
  • marketing of your vacation home for rental, plus taking care of all tasks which come along with renting your property out for you
  • cleaning and airing performed at the least twice a month
  • dry cleaning and sanitising of bedding and linen
  • property repairs and maintenance which includes from washing walls to unclogging drains and repairing electrical problems, Exact Property will do this and more for you
  • regular inspections of your vacation property, ensuring that your second home is safe and secure

Interested in getting the best assistance available in the maintenance of your second home in Cape Town? With outstanding services such as these, Exact Property should be your number choice. They have an ever-growing list of happily satisfied clients who have no worries concerning the care and security of their vacation home in Cape Town because they have left all their stresses in the reliable hands of the specialists of Exact Property. Why not become one of them, and really enjoy for the first-time the real pleasure which comes along with having ownership of a second home in the glorious cosmopolitan city of Cape Town.