The purpose of going on a vacation is to get away from it all and to essentially take time off from the mundane tasks and responsibilities which tend to fill one's day. Even though having ownership of a vacation home in Cape Town has its great benefits, there also comes with it plenty of hassles and concerns that are prone to take the relaxation out of one's vacation; hassles of which include performing the general up-keep and repairs that have been waiting to be taken care of upon your arrival.

There is however a solution to all this nonsense.

Exact Property is a specialist in vacation home care and as such offers a variety of vacation property services in terms of caring for and looking after your vacation home while you are away from it. In turn, by utilising the vacation property services of Exact Property, you can be rest assured of enjoying a relaxing vacation during which no repairs or general care needs to be carried out as Exact Property has maintained this for you in your absence on a regular month-to-month basis.

To ensure that their clients have a stress-free, out of the world vacation experience, Exact Property has the following services available:

  • airport pick-up and drop-off, transport solution and chauffeur services
  • day trip planning
  • catering services, in-house chefs, meal provision, and butler services
  • dvd and video hire, as well as general equipment hire
  • stocking of fridge, liquor, and pantry
  • smart card provision for satellite tv
  • provision of cellular phone and airtime

The core objective of Exact Property is essentially to provide peace of mind, knowing that your holiday spent in your vacation home in Cape Town begins the day of your arrival, without you having to do anything in preparing your vacation home for your stay. And when you depart, Exact Property will restore your vacation home to its original state without you having to lift one finger.

Tempted?! Contact Exact Property for a free consultation and they will structure a vacation property services package for you based on your specific needs and requirements. They are the vacation home maintenance specialists. Let them worry about the up-keep of your vacation home, and prepare yourself for the stress-free, relaxing vacation that you have never before experienced.