If it is the best home content insurance cover you are looking for, then stop right there! MiWay is the insurance company you should consider when wanting to obtain effective insurance cover for the adequate protection of the contents of your home. MiWay has years of experience within the insurance industry of South Africa and has consequentially over this time established themselves as the leading insurance company in the country; being highly acclaimed for no-fuss, affordable home content insurance cover.

Get Peace of Mind with the Home Contents Insurance of MiWay

The specialised insurance which MiWay has developed provides peace of mind that their most valuable household possessions are covered against theft and damage. The home content insurance cover of MiWay includes cover for the following:

  • fire, explosion and earthquake
  • acts of nature (wind, thunder, lightning, storm, hail, flood and snow)
  • damage caused by bursting and overflowing of geysers or water pipes
  • theft
  • power surges
  • impact
  • accidental breakage to TV, mirrors and glass forming part of any furniture
  • fire brigade charges
  • contents being transported when you move
  • subsidence, heave and landslip
  • temporary accommodation
  • liability to other people (including domestic employees)

Optional cover which a client of the home content insurance cover of MiWay can choose from includes:

  • Theft cover for holiday homes
  • Cover for garden and leisure equipment such as garden furniture, jungle gyms, braai equipment, and pool cleaning equipment
  • Theft of contents in transit when you move
  • Goods in your home that are used for business purposes
  • Extended liability, which gives you up to R10 million or R20 million cover for damage to property or injury to other people

The Benefits of the Home Content Insurance Cover of MiWay

Besides giving you peace of mind in the sense that you know the contents of your home are in the hands of the best possible insurance company, there are further benefits to be enjoyed as the result of choosing MiWay to provide you with home content insurance cover. These benefits are listed as follows:

  • MiWay has a fixed excess, meaning that you pay a selected excess which remains fixed regardless of the nature or value of your claim. With excesses start from as low as R1 000, select the one that suits your unique budget, remembering that the higher the excess, the lower the premium.
  • MiWay has a pre-approved panel of services providers who have been selected according to our strict standards and quality service.
  • MiWay has a free home emergency service for all clients insured with them for home content insurance cover. This service is known as HELP@OUT and gives aid in times of emergency by making arrangements for an electrician, plumber, etc.
  • Automatic inflation-linked adjustments are made annually to ensure that your home content insurance cover keeps in pace with inflation. This ensures that your contents will never be inadequately insured.

With outstanding home content insurance cover which is provided along with impeccable service, MiWay is the insurance company on which you can rely for your overall house insurance. MiWay is the most reliable insurance company out there. Why not obtain home content insurance cover from MiWay today, where you always get something out.