MiWay has comprehensive home insurance available which is adaptable according to the specific needs as well as the pockets of the individuals who approach them wanting to get this essential cover. The home insurance ofMiWay provides to both the personal and business buildings owner cover for the immovable structures which they own and for which they are responsible. Immovable structures are a buildings' permanent fixtures, fittings and improvements, and as such the building cover ofMiWay provides protection of these through the following cover:

  • fire, explosion and earthquake
  • acts of nature (wind, thunder, lightning, storm, hail, flood and snow)
  • bursting and overflowing of geysers and water pipes
  • malicious damage
  • power surges
  • impact
  • public water and electricity connections
  • alterations and additions
  • fixtures and fittings temporarily removed
  • fire brigade charges
  • the costs incurred to comply with public authorities requirements

With optional extras which include:

  • Theft cover for holiday homes
  • Geyser and pipes wear and tear covers damage resulting from a lack of maintenance, gradual wear and tear and poor workmanship on geysers and concealed pipes

Emergency Home Assistance

MiWay has a great additional service for all their home insurance clients. The home assistance of MiWay is a service applicable only to those clients of MiWay who are presently covered under their Contents or Building insurance. Annual limits of R5000 and a maximum of 2 incidents do however apply, and to each different address as noted on a client's schedule. As such, the home assistance service of MiWay includes the following cover:

  • locksmiths
  • builders
  • electricians
  • glaziers
  • plumbers
  • tree fellers
  • bee keepers
  • security
  • referral services including public emergency (notification to the SAPS, traffic, ambulance and fire brigade) and home gadgets (referral to service providers of home appliance repairs and services)

The Benefit of Insuring with MiWay

As to be discovered from the above-mentioned details regarding the home insurance option available from MiWay, there are great beneficial rewards to be enjoyed from becoming a client of MiWay.MiWay knows the business of home insurance and as such has the best options available for those who wish to get the best out of their home insurance company.

Some of the amazing benefits you can get on part of getting your home insurance fromMiWay includes the following:

  • MiWays' fixed excess means that you pay the selected excess and it remains fixed regardless of the nature or value of your claim. You can select the excess option which suits your pocket (from as low as R1000); the higher the excess, the lower the premium.
  • MiWay has an approved panel of service providers who are selected according to strict service and quality standards.

All this information and more regarding the home insurance options of MiWay is available for viewing and contemplation on their website. The home insurance website of MiWay is a great source to discover for yourself the various options which are available in terms of getting the most suitable and affordable home insurance available today.

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