As the result of many people being unaware of their existence and the services which they offer, the question of what a bond broker is is constantly being raised. And so, to put an end to answer this question: A bond broker offers a 100% free service which gives assistance to a person looking to apply for a home loan through their contacts at all the major financial institutions in South Africa. It costs nothing to use a bond originator, and you incur no costs whatsoever as the bond broker receives a fee from the Banks Home Loan Department. Therefore, for the most hassle free way of applying for a mortgage or bond is to use a bond broker. They are able to get you through the process quickly and efficiently, and get you the lowest home loan rate possible.

Bond brokers will be able to give assistance in the case of an application for the any of the following types of home loans:

  • First time buyers home loan
  • A variable home loan
  • Fixed home loan rate
  • Capped home loan rate

CKM Home Loans: The Leading Bond Broker in South Africa

CKM Home Loans is one of the most trusted bond brokers in South Africa, with a clientele that is happily expanding at a constant rate. CKM Home Loans is a bond broker who has the necessary expert skills and knowledge to assist by navigating you through the entire process of your home loan application. They will do the legwork and in turn provide you with a list of the available mortgage and bond options to come up with the best choice for yourself as an individual with your own home loan needs and budget.

What makes CKM Home Loans stand out from the rest is their strong relationships with all the top banks in South Africa, enabling them to provide their clients with the best mortgage and bond rates possible. Furthermore, for this reason as well as for the fact that they submit thousands of home loan applications on an annual basis,CKM Home Loans has the negotiating power to get a better rate for you than you would as an individual.

A further reason why CKM Home Loans is the leading bond broker in South Africa is the facility which they offer to prospective clients to make an application for a mortgage or bond online. This online application service is a popular innovation of CKM Home Loans as it allows mortgage and bonds to be applied for quickly and efficiently; saving time and in the end saving money.

To make use of this online bond application services of CKM Home Loans , Click Here and one of their consultants will get back to you to guide you through.

So if you are looking for a quick and hassle free bond, do not hesitate to contact CKM Home Loans. They know the business of mortgage and bonds and will help you get the financial support you need to get you on your way to purchasing your very own home.

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