When looking to apply for a home loan or a bond extension, there is only one company that will be able to help you through the entire process and that is CKM Home Loans . They are experts in the home loan industry and are available to offer any type of assistance you require in the process of applying for a home loan or bond extension. CKM Home Loans has valuable knowledge in terms of knowing all the vital information which is required for when you apply for a home loan or are wishing to make a bond extension to your existing home loan, and will make sure that you make this available to the necessary parties.

Inclusive to this vital information required for the application of a home loan is certain documentation regarding your income and expenses. It is important that you remain honest at all times and, in the case that you are discovered for passing untruths on as facts, a charge of fraud can be placed against you.

Personal Information and Documentation Needed for a Home Loan Application

As already pointed out, the following information is essential, and is required by the banks for the following reasons:

  • To check your credit rating
  • To determine your monthly installments
  • To determine the value of the home loan
  • To determine your monthly expenses to make sure you can repay the loan

Furthermore, the essential documentation to be provided when applying for a home loan or looking to make a bond extension includes:

  • Your Last 2 Salary Slips.
  • If your are self employed - Certified Financial Statements form your Accountant.
  • Your last 6 months bank statements.
  • Proof of residential address ( utility bill - electricity, telephone )
  • I.D. Documents
  • Marriage Certificate ( If applicable )

In most cases it should not take more than 2 to 4 days for your home loan application to go through and be attended to; provided that all your required information and documentation is readily available. So, by having this documentation readily on hand, the entire process of your home loan application is considerably sped up.

Speedy Home Loan Application through CKM Home Loans

If it is speed that you are looking for, CKM Home Loans has an online facility available which can be used to make a quick home loan application. This service is free and offers to all those looking to apply for a home loan or wishing to get a bond extension a quick and hassle-free solution.

What is stopping you from getting in touch with CKM Home Loans to benefit from the assistance they can give you in your application for a new home loan or a home loan extension? They have the answer to all your home loan application queries and so reliable that they will even fill out the home loan application form for you.

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