Buying a building often means having to get a loan or bond as it this is a rather costly endeavour and the majority of people do not have the necessary start-up capital on hand in order to pay the asking price in full at one go. Financial institutions know this, which is why they have bonds and loans available for those who qualify for this kind of financial support. Banks will not give a bond or loan to anyone and so an applicant needs to make sure that they approach these financial institutions professionally and with the right documentation and information on hand to show that they are serious.

CKM Home Loans is an expert in bonds and loans and can offer assistance to anyone in the process of buying a building but looking to get a bond in order to finance this endeavour. Due to their in-depth knowledge and skills and strong relationships with many of the major banks in South Africa, CKM Home Loans is the best place to turn if you are serious about getting a bond and want the application process to go smoothly and appropriately so as to ensure that you will get the loan that you essentially need and want.

The Cost of Buying a Building

Dealing with a bond application if you don't know what the process really entails can be risky and may result in you getting a bond which you can not afford and which does not meet your requirements. There are many hidden costs involved when it comes to buying a building which you will not be aware of if you are applying for a loan by yourself.

Don't end up paying unnecessary costs, or miss out on those important costs, due to applying for a building loan all by yourself. Get in touch with CKM Home Loans and let them deal with all the paperwork. They have the knowledge and skills and will get you big savings on the bond most ideal for you.

Some of the important costs involved with buying a building include the following:

  • Deposit
  • Bond Costs
  • Transfer Duties
  • Conveyancing fees
  • Deeds Office Levies and fees
  • Rates and Taxes
  • Banks Charges
  • Home Owners Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Moving Costs
  • Water Bill, Electricity and Household Costs

So don't leave yourself in the dark. Get all the knowledge you require concerning the costs and details involved in the application of a loan from CKM Home Loans , and go about the process professionally and appropriately; hereby ensuring that you get what the loan you want.

They are the expert in bonds and loans and are this the only place you should consider turning to for assistance in applying for a bond. CKM Home Loans : knows the business of building and home loans!

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