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On Capital Gains Tax

Bringing South Africa in line with international practice, Capital Gains Tax was introduced on 1 October 2001, needing to be paid by all South African residents and non South African residents who make a profit or loss when selling fixed property of a capital nature located in South Africa.

What Capital Gains Tax means fro homeowners is that taxpayers, including individuals, trusts, companies and close corporations, will be taxed on the profit they make when they sell an asset or property of a capital nature. So basically, Capital Gains Tax is a tax on the resale of assets.

In most cases, provided that the property is smaller than two hectares and the profit is less than R1.5 million, Capital Gains Tax will not affect your primary residence. On the other hand however, homeowners will be liable for Capital Gains Tax on second properties or holiday homes that are not occupied as a primary residence or on any portion of a primary residence that is used for business purposes. Furthermore, Capital Gains Tax does affect all properties registered in the name of a close corporation, trust and company.

CKM Home Loans : Expert Home Loan Assistance

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