CKM Home Loans is a specialist in home loans in South Africa and has as such made their services available as assistance to those looking to take out a loan on their home. These home loan services are based on giving expert advice to prospectives by giving them an objective overview of all the home loan options available and aiding in the filling out of the bond application.

Types of Home Loans

There are quite a number of types of home loans available from the major banks in South Africa and from which one can choose to match their unique needs. CKM Home Loans has expert knowledge in these home loan types and as such is the best option to consider when wanting to take out the best home loan.

Listed below are a few of the different types of home loans available in South Africa:
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  • First Time Buyers Home Loan:
    If you have never owned a property or had a home loan before, a special home loan is available, whereby the banks will lend you more than 100% of the property value. This will allow you to include the transfer and registration costs into the loan, making it easier for you to enter the property market. No deposit is required with this option.

  • A Variable Home Loan:
    This is just a normal home loan which is given at the negotiated interest rate. Home Loan rates are always negotiable, and are generally affected by the amount of the loan taken out and the risk associated to the applicant. The smaller the risk, the higher the chance of getting below the prime lending rate. With this type of home loan, if the interest rates increases by 1 percent, your home loan rate will increase accordingly. If the interest rate drops, so will your home loan rate.

  • Fixed Home Loan Rate:
    With this type of home loan, your interest rate is fixed for a period of time. Usually for one or two years. One thing to bear in mind with this option, is that the interest rate will be slightly higher than the current home loan rate. One good advantage is that it protects you from rising interest rates, so for that period of time you know what your bond repayments are. The only downside is if the interest rates drop, your home loan rate will stay unchanged - thus costing you more at the end of the day.

  • Capped Home Loan Rate:
    With this type of Home Loan, your interest rate is capped at a maximum rate of interest for a period of time, so you will never pay more than the capped rate. If the interest rates increase, you will never pay more than the capped rate you have negotiated. A good thing about this option is that you will enjoy the benefits if the rates decrease. Please note - this type of Home Loan is not always available, and certain criteria is required before the Banks will approve your application.

Quick No-Fuss Online Home Loan Applications

Whether you need an extension on your bond, a new home loan, or need to change your home loan, CKM Home Loans is here to make the process quick and painless. This is because CKM Home Loans has a facility which enables home loan prospectives to apply online. With this online application facility CKM Home Loans has consequently become an increasingly popular option when looking for quick no-fuss assistance and guidance in the decision-making process involved in taking out a home loan as well as aid in the filling out of a home loan application. What's more is that this online application service of CKM Home Loans is free. So what more convincing do you need to come to the realisation that CKM Home Loans is the best?

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