CKM Home Loans is an independent mortgage originator based in South Africa and is specialised in supplying a service to the homebuyer or homeloan client whereby they will give assistance to the client with the application for a homeloan. What's more is that if the client requires a new loan or a further advance, this mortgage originator will be able to assist with these services.

What makes applying with a mortgage originator such as CKM Home Loans an overall great decision is that, besides receiving assistance in the process of taking out a mortgage, the fees payable to the bank and attorneys remain the same irrespective of whether the services of a mortgage originator are made use of or not. (Do note however that there are some brokers who do ask a raising fee). In general, as is the case with CKM Home Loans , mortgage originators will have a contract with one or more financial institutions from which they receive a fee.

Bond savings is the name of the game and therefore the service at a mortgage originator is absolutely free of charge; and some even offer the client a cash back offer!

CKM Home Loans mortgage originator prides itself in having no hidden costs and when dealing with a client, everything is put on the table; hereby ensuring that they provide the best assistance possible to all clients who are in the process of obtaining a mortgage.

In the Best Hands with CKM Home Loans Mortgage Originators

Due to the fact that CKM Home Loans is determined to offer to all their clients the best services that they can in terms of giving assistance to those looking to take out a mortgage, they are fast-becoming widely used by more and more people who require their expert advice.

As such, this objective to be the best by providing the best is reflected in the business model of CKM Home Loans which states that:

  • The principles that Remax introduced to the realty market served as inspiration for the IBO way of doing business.
  • IBO supports the idea that the consultant at grass roots level should enjoy the greatest benefit resulting from his efforts.
  • Furthermore that these consultants, being the best in the marketplace, should operate for their own account, but protected and administered in line with common values and standards.
  • Thus IBO pays the Independent Bond Originator by far the greater portion of commissions, retaining a small portion to maintain administrative functions supporting the Originator to turn his business professionally and effectively.
  • This coupled with the concept of aggregation creates an all round beneficial business model which lays the basis of current and future growth.

And so, to be determined from what has been said above about CKM Home Loans and the outstanding service which they provide, get in touch with this mortgage originator and save yourself alot of time and potential hassle. They have the expert advice and will assist you every step of the way to obtaining the ultimate mortgage which will be most suited to yourself as an individual.

What are you waiting for? CKM Home Loans knows the business of home loans.

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