If you are wanting the best insurance you can find then look no further, MiWay is the number one insurance company in South Africa today. With an innovative approach to insurance which makes the implementation of insurance quick and easy, MiWay has the ability to produce the solutions in insurance for which you have always been searching and brings along with it a peace of mind regarding a knowledge that your valuables are in good and reliable hands.

Choosing the Right Insurance Company

Deciding on an insurance company that will be able to provide you with the insurance that you need is a big decision and has a direct influence on your happiness in the long haul. Therefore, here are some tips to help you on your way in making the right choice:

  • Research, research, research!! Do not settle on the first insurance company you discover because chances are you will get a better deal from another.
  • Compare quotes given by various insurance companies.
  • Never base your decision solely on the premiums which they ask.
  • Be aware of possible hidden costs.
  • Ask around concerning the reputation of an insurance company.
  • Find out exactly what it is that an insurance company offers.
  • Make sure your choice in insurance company is a registered Financial Services Provider.

The Importance of Insurance Due to Growing Risks

As the rate of crime in South Africa reaches escalating heights, not having insurance can be a rather risky decision which you make. This is because insurance is a form of risk management which gives protection against financial loss which could result from unforeseen and uncontrollable happenings. Essentially, as risk management, insurance is generally obtained as a back-up, with the hope that it will never have to be used.

Get Peace of Mind through Insurance from MiWay

Everyone knows that getting insurance is done purely out of necessity and not of desire. Traditional feelings which go along with having to take out insurance is that it is a mundane, but have-to-do task which you want to get done as quickly as possible. This often results in getting insurance that is not the most ideal for you as an individual in terms of its inability to truly match your specific insurance needs. However, with an insurance company like MiWay, these traditional thoughts go out the window as the process of obtaining insurance is made into task which you would not mind performing everyday. MiWay strives to give each person who approaches them with what they really need in insurance and so, with a focus of considering each client as the individual they are, MiWay is becoming an ever-popular option.


Bonus: Changing the Insurance Industry as We Know it!!

As stated above, MiWay is an insurance company which prides itself in the provision of innovative insurance solutions to the South African community, and as a consequence is changing the insurance industry as we have always known it. One the biggest innovations which MiWay has developed, and for which it is widely known, is that of the Bonus reward. Bonus works as an incentive program for all MiWay clients whereby they stand to get 10% on their premiums back for not claiming for a period of three years. By implementing the Bonus cash reward incentive MiWay makes the individual client feel important and recognised, and furthermore persuades a client to continue their insurance journey with them as the result of the amazing rewards which a client is liable to receive in terms of the conditions of Bonus. This is what in turn enables MiWay to differentiate themselves from the rest of insurance companies currently operating in South Africa and to stand out as the leader in the insurance industry today.

As of present, other popular choices in insurance in South Africa include the following insurance companies:

When comparing various insurance companies you will discover for yourself that MiWay stands out above the rest as this insurance company offers a peace of mind which comes along with the best insurance you could ever possibly need or want.


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