MiWay is currently the most popular choice in insurance as this insurance company has so much to offer its clients in terms of insurance with the able objective to accommodate their individual needs in any way possible. As such, MiWay insurance is available in the form of insurance packages which are developed during consultation with a client in order to ensure that all their specifically unique insurance requirements and needs are met, hereby providing all clients with insurance that is sure to give the adequate protection of their possessions which they are looking for. Thus MiWay has developed a number of insurance packages ideally suitable to meet any request with which they are approached.

Besides giving insurance that matters, MiWay provides in conjunction to the core insurance schemes which they supply to individual clients, additional benefits. The core incentive offered by MiWay to all their clients includes the Bonus, a cash reward which is paid out in the form of 10% back on your premium for not claiming for the period of three years. Other client incentives of MiWay include services such as: roadside assistance, home assistance, and medical and legal assistance. Furthermore, MiWay has direct contacts with the Ombudsman, a company which deals with short-term insurance complaints, hereby giving clients the opportunity to have any issues which they may have regarding their insurance quickly and efficiently resolved.

By focusing on the satisfaction of the client, offering incentives and amazing benefits, MiWay keeps themselves at the top and is hereby able to prove that they are indeed the leader of all insurance companies in South Africa.

Get All the Insurance you Need from MiWay

As mentioned above, MiWay has the ability to offer all clients with the insurance they are needing as an individual. This is because, through a wide range of available insurance solutions, MiWay pleases all who approach them looking for the best insurance they can possibly get.

The basic insurance as listed on the website of MiWay is segregated into business insurance and personal insurance. Listed below is what is included in these insurance packages:


With the objective to please and an aim to accommodate all customers in any way they can, MiWay has launched a website which provides easy access for current and prospective clients to information regarding all that this insurance company can do for you. As part of the facilities of their website, MiWay has a listing of all the job vacancies currently in their company; hereby giving those who qualify the opportunity to grow with this top notch insurance company. This website is so amazing that there is even a facility which enables MiWay to provide prospective clients with quick and easy online quotes. As such it is no wonder why MiWay remains ahead of the game, with their popularity growing daily.

So what are you waiting for?..Go visit the MiWay website to discover all the great things that this insurance company can do for you in terms of providing you with the insurance protection you have only dreamed of receiving. Remember that "with MiWay, you always get something out".

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