MiWay is the most widely recognised insurance company in South Africa. With an almost unblemished reputation which surpasses the rest, it is no wonder why more and more people are turning to MiWay for the satisfaction of all their insurance needs. MiWay is known for being the insurance provider to contact when looking for outstanding insurance which is delivered quickly and hassle-free, along with a combination of additional services and incentives from which all clients can greatly benefit.

Outstanding Service from MiWay

MiWay prides itself in their provision of top notch and reliable services to all their clients. Besides offering the basic services required from an insurance provider, MiWay offers great additional services which aid in making this company the leader of the insurance industry in South Africa.

As such, by identifying particular needs within the community of their insurance clients MiWay has made provision for the following services, satisfying the unique demands which some clients did not even know they had:

  • HELP
    • Roadside Assistance:This service provides aid in emergencies such as vehicle breakdown, flat tyre or battery, keys locked in vehicle, and run out of fuel. Membership is free to all clients of MiWay who have a vehicle covered with this insurance provider.
    • Home Assistance: Aid is given in home emergencies which include the need for a locksmith, builder, electrician, glazier, plumber, tree feller, or beekeeper, to name but a few. Membership is free to any client who has their household contents or buildings covered with MiWay.
    • Medical and Legal Assistance: This is optional cover and is charged as an additional premium. Phone advice is given in the case of medical emergencies such as referrals to medical practitioners and facilities, medical emergency response and transportation, etc. Legal advice is given as phone advice via an established information line.
    • As part of the crime initiative of this insurance provider, MiWay has developed the service known as FRAUD, which is a hotline with the objective of promoting zero tolerance towards unethical behaviour.
    • The FRAUD hotline provides the South African community with the opportunity to phone in in the case that they have witnessed fraud or potential fraudulent behaviour, or any dishonesty pertaining to any facility or claim.
    • All calls are treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Community Safety
    • MiWay has a great concern for the general safety of the public and as such has a number of community projects currently running to improve circumstances in South Africa.
    • Community safety projects of MiWay include: Arrive Alive patrol vehicles, traffic Pointsmen, the Business Against Crime initiative, and car wreck trailers.

Quick, Accessible Insurance from this Online Insurance Company

MiWay knows how difficult life can be and so this insurance provider aims to reduce the stresses which may occur due to obtaining insurance by simplifying the process and putting their focus entirely onto the individual client; hereby identifying how they can help to reduce the anxieties of everyday life through the provision of the most effective, hassle-free insurance protection for valuables.

Having a website and being online is one way in which MiWay can make obtaining insurance quick and easily accessible to a larger number of people who have a connection to the Internet. One of the many services obtainable through this website is an online quotation; the quotation which an insurance provider shows to a prospective client is the deciding factor concerning whether or not to go with the insurance which they have. Providing prospective clients with a quick online quotation through their website means that MiWay is a no-mess insurance provider, focused entirely on the what the client wants and needs when it comes to insurance. By making the process easy from the start a client gets a glimpse of what working with MiWay will be like in the long run: fast, efficient and direct.

Do not hesitate to experience the ease and peace of mind that MiWay provides in terms of suitable insurance that is maintainable because it is affordable. MiWay is the insurance provider that wants to help you, so why not let them!..This will be the best decision you have ever made for yourself.


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