Mixing Desk Rental

Mixing Desk: Mixing Desks, or Sound Desks or Sound Mixing Desks are used to recieve sound from two or more sources and control the sound. For example; it can receive sound from a microphone, lower the output, and increase the sound of music.

Sound Mixing Desks are used to control sounds input from multiple sources. It brings together all the different sounds that you are recieving or have recorded in one place. You can then use the sound mixing desk to change the paramaters of each sound. You can manipulate the volume, frequency, positions and effects of each of the sounds. Using the mixing desk you can then bring all your manilpulated sound to create one whole audio that you can play or record. Sound mixers can be looked at at two different sections; the input section and the monitoring section.

The input section is where the signal that is going to be recorded is sent. And the monitoring section is where you can listen back to what you are creating. With this, there are two types of hardware mixing consoles that have different arrangements of these sections. There are in-line mixing consoles and split mixing consoles. Split mixing consoles have both of these sections on two different sides of the desk while inline consoles contain both sections inside the same channel strip.

Inputs on Mixing Board Channel

  • Gain Level Used to set the level of the signal entering the channel
  • Pad Used to reduce the input level by a set amount
  • Phase Reversal Used to change the phase of the input signal
  • Phantom Power Sets the level of the signal entering the channel
  • Gain Level Sets the level of the signal entering the channel
  • Gain Level Sets the level of the signal entering the channel

When to use a Mixing Desk

You can use Sound Mixing Desks in many different situations to ensure a clear,crisp sound:

  • Wedding
  • Engagement Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Chruch Services
  • Bar mitzvah
  • Podcasts
  • Celebrations
  • Clubs

Mixing desks can be used at any large or small event/garhering to enhance and control the sound quality delivered to participants

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