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Open source software is available as free software and gives the user the ability to view the source code, alter and further re-distribute it. In other words, Open source is a process whereby any individual has free access to the source code allowing them to update and modify the code at any time. As of current there have been certain cases where proprietary companies have developed products and services based on Open Source; hereby ridding emphasis on the idea that the right to information and source code of Open source products has got to be free. However, because Intoweb is a company greatly involved with the Linux Open Source company who offers their software products free of charge, the statement mentioned-above will not be taken into consideration for the reason of this discussion.

Available Open Source Software and Servers

Linux is one of the most well known and popularly used out of the wide variety of Open Source companies in existence today. There are, as a result of this expanding industry, a multitude of Open Source software and servers for numerous computer uses on offer today. Zimbra and Xen are examples of the servers and software available on the computer market.

Zimbra: is an example of an open source server to be used for company collaboration and messaging. Even though this open source server has been created for the next generation, it supports compatibility with existing infrastructure and applications. Zimbra is innovation delivered to not only the end-user but the administrator as well.

Xen: is Open Source software which supports the execution of a a number of visitor operating systems with results in top levels of resource isolation and performance. As a virtual machine monitor, Xen was released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, and is run under fully functional ports of Linux 2.4. Xen can be used to run such applications as PostgreSQL, MySQL and Apache. Linux distributions including Mandrake, RedHat and SuSE, have to be run unmodified over the ported Operating System.

Intoweb Design Develops most of its websites with the open source applications. The applications that Intoweb use are

  • Postgre
  • PHP
  • Linux

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Here at Intoweb we offer training and programming by professionals who have years of experience in their different fields of open source. As a consequence the information that an individual can get on the web site about open source applications is of high quality because the people who provide the information are those who deal with open source applications on a daily basis.

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What is Open source development?

Open source development can be described as the development method used for many pieces of software, including the Linux kernel, where the source (code) is freely available for anyone to work on, modify, learn from, or use in other projects. The essence of the Open Source development model is the rapid creation of solutions within an open, collaborative environment. Collaboration within the Open Source developers and end users promotes a higher standard of quality, and helps to ensure the long-term viability of both data and applications.

Open Source is the term that represents virtually the same thing as "free software"; only it is newer, more popular and does not have the ambiguity problem. Examples of Open Source development applications are MySQL and PHP. The aim of open source development is to tweak the product to be more understandable, modifiable, duplicatable, or simply accessible, while it is still marketable

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