Definition of Deployment:

Deployment can be defined as a process of setting up, testing and running. Deployment can be further defined with regard to the term's application in the implementation of software; This is for the reason that to deploy is the same as to get software properly installed and running. Linux deployment would therefore be the process of installing and running a linux application for a company or for one's self.

Intowebs Linux Deployment:

Because Linux is an open source company it means that the products it develops can be freely distributed; anyone can use Linux. Linux Deployment means that anyone can use linux, set it up, test it and run it for themselves.

Intoweb offers clients with linux applications. We can install and run it for the clients without any hassle and also provide support and maintenance. Clients would therefore reap great benefits at the end because Intoweb offers the best support for Linux reaffirming the reason why we are considered to be one of the best Linux Providers.

The Effects of Increased Linux Deployment

Many companies are currently becoming aware of the numerous benefits they can enjoy as a result of incorporating Open Source software such as Linux as their computer operating systems; hereby replacing proprietary software such as MS Windows. In short, Linux is a free computer operating system for users who regard its use as fast and efficient with top notch security systems in place. has recently made a switch to Linux software and is claiming to expect capital reduction of up to 25% as a result of this technological change.

Because Linux Open Source software is practically free, organisations can save themselves alot of a money as a result of the low-costs promoted with the use of this type of computer software. With such a major shift in technology, organisations need to be aware of what the effects will be on those such as the IT professionals and end-users who make constant use of these system.

For the reason that Linux is currently the most popular Open Source company, an increase in rollouts of Linux technology has consequently increased the demand for certification and training in the necessary knowledge and skills required to support this Open Source software. Linux focusses on the back-end of organisations which includes file servers, web servers and databases, and these organisations therefore need to aid their system administrators in developing important knowledge and skills to be able to support their systems running Linux. Intoweb subsequently makes Linux Open Source software training available for all those who are interested in becoming skilled Linux professionals.

Linux has recently made a shift to not only supply software for the end-users as briefly discussed above, but are now also concentrating on the end-users as well. Linux has thus developed computer desktop software similar to that of Microsoft Office. This new Linux Open Source application is a viable alternative to previously created proprietary software for the reason that it is capable of doing most of the jobs performed on regular desktops. Many companies are therefore not only employing Linux server software but also using this software as their computer desktops.

With the continuous growth of Linux, which is affecting not only back-end server room users but also regular users with the application of the Linux desktop, organisations must accordingly be aware of any need for new technology training or change management. Companies need to keep up-to-date with deployments by large organisations (such as Linux) as well as the need for technological changes in their own enterprise. This should be done to stay ahead of the game and to ensure a smooth software transition.

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