Linux System Maintenance

Linux System Maintenance is the process whereby a company maintains its Linux system. In most cases this process requires the skills of a well established professional Linux support technician. Intoweb has the best professionals who are well experienced in their fields.

Linux systems maintenance is one the key services to be offered by Intoweb. This is for the reason that a requirement of all operating systems is to hold a specific maintenance level so as to remain up-to-date and secure. As an example, Mandriva Linux has many tools and features to be utilised for the facilitation of common system administration tools. These include:

  • All internet connections can be managed with the DrakConnect Tool
  • New management tools featured in Mandriva Linux Professional include: DrakPark for software management over a corporate network, DrakFax as a fax server, DrakVPN for VPN management, and DrakUPS for UPS management.
  • A dynamic icon displayed on the desktop panel enables users to now manage and monitor the updating and advisory service known as "Mandrivaonline"
  • Software packages can be easily installed or uninstalled with the set of URPMI tools as combined with MandrivaUpdate and Software Manager. This can be done either with a few clicks or the mouse or a few typed commands. Software dependencies are resolved with the Software Management System which automatically peforms security system updates via the Internet. The design of both MandrivaUpdate and the Software Manager reflect the easiest software management system ever.

Here at Intoweb we have been dealing with Linux support and maintenance for many years, which is why we possess the best Linux support and maintenance in and around South Africa.

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Linux Network Support

Intoweb offers Linux server support to its clients in order to aid them in the maintenance and clean and smooth running of their Linux server. This service is offered to clients who had their Linux Server previously installed by Intoweb. Linux servers should be installed by those companies who would like to have their websites hosted on the world wide web (WWW).

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Linux System Support

Intoweb offers the best when it comes to client service as we not only offer Linux installations and maintenance but are further specialised to offer Linux support. Intoweb thus has the capabilities to proficiently offer Linux support for your company. We will also install and provide support for your server, should you require this service, which will be carried out on a monthly contract basis.

Linux support solutions can be given not only to those companies taking advantage of free Linux Open Source software, but is also available for those implementing proprietary software. By making use of the support solutions offered by our IT technicians, a significant reduction in IT costs can be experienced. This will in turn provide software support levels which rival those of the manufacturer as Intoweb's support and maintenance are services of a high level. Companies with proprietary systems in use can further benefit with the use of our Open Source support solutions as we give the assurance of remaining well within specificed license agreements.

Some specialised solutions offered for Linux system support may include administration support, license management, operating support or troubleshooting, and help desks.

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Here at Intoweb we firstly offer Linux support and maintenance to clients who had their Linux system installed through us.

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