Linux System Support

Intoweb is well-known when it comes to offering the best client services. This is because we not only offer Linux installations and maintenance but also Linux support. Furthermore, Intoweb has the capabilities required to proficiently carry out Linux support for your company. Should you require support for your server, Intoweb will offer this service on a monthly contract basis.

Intoweb offers server support to those clients who have previously had their Linux installation done through us. Companies wanting to get their websites hosted on the Internet must deeply consider the implementation of a Linux server. This is for the reason that Linux servers are easy to use and that Linux server support is freely available on the Internet.

Intoweb has a number of professional services performed alongside Linux system support which deliver valuable results. We have carefully crafted solutions for the users of Linux software. The number of solutions offered by companies specialised in Linux software may include:

  • Device Design: system requirements can be developed to suit every unique company. This is done through hard-level software architecture and hardware design after an assessment of the current technology in place.
  • Validation: some of the biggest challenges for Linux software developers is that of support, testing and validation. For the proper operation of Linux run-time these developers need to validate this for each required board. To verify proper operation of Linux software, a number of tests of performed with the use of proprietary and Open Source validation tools on the Linux Kernel.
  • Feature Definition and Discovery: an analysis is required pertaining to the discovery of essential features, suitable hardware platforms, and the best software technologies, to be applied for the effective functioning of a unique Linux operating system. This criteria is determined and tested to give assurance to a company that their Linux software and operating systems will run smoothly and be of the highest standard as to bring them good results.
  • Development of a Linux Strategy: which includes an intergrated and tested kernel, Linux BSP, file system, and development environment to suit every company with Linux software and operating systems installed.

Linux Network Support

Intoweb offers Linux server support to our clients so that we can maintain for them a server which is clean and runs smoothly. Linux support is not only offered to those companies who have specified Linux software installed but to those with proprietary software as well. This is for the fact that the foundations of this differentiating software remains the same.

We can also install, configure and provide linux support on any of the following applications to meet your individual needs (click for application details) :

  • Proxy server (Squid)
  • Mail server (Sendmail)
  • Firewall (iptables)
  • Fileserver (Samba)
  • DHCP server
  • Apache webserver
  • Postgresql database server
  • Mysql database server
  • Ftp server (VSftpd)
  • POP3 or IMAP (Dovecot)
  • PHP support
  • SSH login
  • DNS server (Bind)
  • Automatic updates (YUM)

To find out more about how to Linux System Support using one of Intoweb's solutions, contact us: