What is Suse Linux Software?

Suse Linux Software is Open Source software utilised by companies interested in carrying out hard disk partitioning, system setup, online updates, network and firewall configuration, user administration and more, within an intergrated interface. Suse Linux software has the ability to install drivers for many common win modems. and can furthermore give support for the resizing of NTFS partitions.

Software Features:

Suse Linux software was created specifically with home computing in mind but also offers the reliability and security expected from business enterprise software. This software is easy to install and allows its users to send e-mail, organise digital photos, create documents and spreadsheets, communicate with friends, organise digital photos and browse the world wide web. Suse Linux software can even be used to host a web server as well as create a home network with the integration of the applications you have the ability to develop with the use of such software. Suse Linux software also has security systems built in for protection against computer worms and viruses.

Software Usability:

Suse Linux software was ultimately designed and created with the end-user in mind. Installation is hassle free as the end user can simply run the installation program which immediately pops up onto the desktop when the disk is placed into the CD-Rom, and hereafter, start using the software for every computer activity needed to be performed. The dominating visual environment implemented includes familiar elements of Microsoft Windows such as cascading menus, dialog boxes and icons. Sharing files with Windows users is also enabled with such applications as Openoffice.org. Standard content files which includes the likes of Flash, RealMedia and PDF can also be used directly on your Linux desktop.

Use as a Home Desktop:

Suse can help home users with common computing tasks with the release of their latest desktop productivity tools. The desktop has been created to emphasise ease-of-use in the process of users peforming activities including the creation and designing of graphics, organisation of digital pictures and music files, and instant messaging and communication with friends. Suse linux software can also ensure desktop because of powerful built-in tools for virus scanning, application-level protection and spam blocking.

Even though this Suse Linux software is not ideally meant for use by businesses in the corporate sector, it can however still give them an excellent first look at technologies such as Beagle, Mono and Xen 3.0, to carry out virtualisation, enhance productivity and the open source development environment, and to initiate desktop search.

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