Build a Website

Companies and individuals build websites for various reasons:

  • The foremost reason to build a website is exposure. Websites are unique in that you can sell and market your companies products 24 hours a day to dispersed locations.
  • Websites are built by Individuals who would like to give out information about themselves or create common interest website such as chat forums.
  • Some companies catalogue products and/or services online allowing the general public to learn more about the company. The website is an important extension of ones company's corporate identity. It is possible to incorporate small movie clips, eyecatching banner ads and online request forms into your website to provide new forms of interaction with potential clients.
  • Provides your company with a leading edge against your competitors

How Intoweb can help you build a website:

Intoweb is one of the best web developers in South Africa. We not only build a website for your company but we maintain website to ensure that the content displayed is up to date.

  1. Website design and development
    Intoweb has built websites for many big companies such as Porsche, Ellerines, Cashbuild and many more. Imagine what it can do for you! Building a website includes both the design and the functionality of the website. Intoweb offers professional design and effective programming for your website.
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  2. Content Management Systems to Build Large Websites
    Intoweb also provides a "what you see is what you get" Content Management System which can be used to build and maintain your website. It is accessible to users that have limited web development skills. Intowebs Content Management System is customisable, ensuring that the system built, suits your companies specific information needs.
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  3. Webmaster training
    Intoweb also provides training to individuals wishing to learn how to build websites for their own purposes. Building a website requires the proper training. Training at Intoweb is provided by professionals who use the skills taught on a daily basis.

To find out more about how to build a website using one of Intoweb's solutions, contact us: