As the Internet and computer usage becomes a more and more integral part of everyday life, there comes a requirement and subsequent demand for more effective tools and techniques, and in turn a demand for programs which aid in the appropriate learning of these. Consulting specialists are professionals who will, where identified as necessary, allocate training to be given by the in-house computer support specialists of the company, for the proper use of the Internet and computers. This is because computer support specialists have the necessary skills and expertise for completing this task as well as for giving help and advice to those users who encounter problems on a daily basis. Computer support specialists are thus furthermore trained experts in the provision of support, maintenance, and administration of computer systems, technical support, as well as advice to be given to users regarding the best use of their computers and Internet functionalities and the best choice for receiving training in this field.

Consulting specialists are experts in all the processes which are necessary for the building of a fully-functional website for a business over the Internet. They have the knowledge and skills required to ensure that a business wishing to go online will get the best online website solution suited to their needs and requirements. The aim of consulting specialists is the creation and use of a website on the Internet as a cost-effective marketing and business promotion tool for the achievement of greater success. Intoweb is one of the best consulting specialists based in South Africa who can help your business make the most out of the marketing advantages that the Internet offers and with the creation of the ideal website for your business in order to achieve the success you have always dreamt of.

How Can Intoweb as a Consulting Specialist Help You?

Intoweb as a consulting specialist in the Internet is able to provide a number of services for enabling companies to greatly expand their businesses and achievements. A such, Intoweb is a consulting specialist focusing on the website as a key business promotion and marketing tool and we therefore offer the combined services of web development, web design, and internet marketing:

  • Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search engine optimisation is ultimately performed with the main objective of increasing traffic to and the popularity of a particular website. There are a number of methods and tools which the practice of search engine optimisation provides for enabling this to occur in terms of getting a website ranked highly in the search engines. Great benefits such as saving on advertising money and an increased Internet visibility and wider customer recognition of your business can be enjoyed from the application of the tools and practice of search engine optimisation. These search engine optimisation methods can be listed as follows and, when combined, can supply outstanding success and popularity for a business over the Internet:

    • the appropriate selection and placement of keywords which are chosen for their relevance to the content of a particular business
    • link exchange between similar sites which allows your business website to be viewed by the search engines as a respected resource and can thus increase site popularity
    • treating every business website as individual with unique needs and requirements differentiates a business from the rest on the Internet and thus makes it stand out

  • Website Design
  • In order for a website design to be ultimately successful, there are a few design elements and aspects to be focused on in the initial stages of the design process. Therefore before the design of a website can be started the business with its own individual needs in size, specialty, and budget, have to be taken into account. The final website can thus described as the outcome of the combination and the recognition of design elements which include:

    • Website planning for setting objectives to achieve goals and defining the objectives, content, etc of a website.
    • Website architecture for determining the pages of a website in the sense of where and on which pages content should be placed, as well as the navigation tools to be included for scrolling through the information on a website.
    • Website design needs to suit and display the overall image of a business so as to set it apart as an individual. Website design should concentrate on the visual construction of a business as a unique brand.
    • Website content forms the key tool for marketing and sales and aids in the conveyance of the business website in its entirety. For website content to be good, consistency needs to be focused on throughout.

  • Website Development
  • After all the elements such as the website architecture, content and page designs, for the creation of a website are completed, they can be combined for the final development of a website to occur. Website development involves processes such as:

    • the application of graphics for the building of the website interface and navigation through the site
    • the placement of content on the website pages created
    • securing areas of a site with HTML and ASP programming
    • enabling online shopping through the inclusion of facilities that are capable of satisfying all ecommerce needs

For further information concerning how Intoweb can aid you in services such as website development, website design, and website marketing, for ultimately expanding your business and the success which you would like to get, then Contact Us today