Customer Behavioral Analysis

Intoweb is one of the top IT companies in South Africa, where we create high quality websites and do top of the range website marketing from South Africa for our Clients. Many development companies will usually just make a template and then leave it just there. At Intoweb, we care about our clients and provide you with the best website marketing solutions that will provide you with business, as well as some other IT solutions.

Websites play an important role in the marketing today. Every company, organization or individual wants to have a system that is reliable and generates business for them. The world as we know it today relies heavily upon visual and audio stimulation, just look at magazines or television advertisements. The Internet allows you to display your website designs with audio, Flash and many other design elements. Intoweb provides a website marketing strategy where you can use your website for making business, not just for the sake of having a website.

Intoweb also offers you the opportunity to view statistics on your website which includes

  • The number of unique visitors per day, per week, per month (Displayed in easy to read graphs.)
  • Top 25 pages viewed
  • Links from external web sites to your website
  • The average duration of visits to your night in seconds
  • Common keyphrases used by users to search for your web site
  • Bandwidth used to surf to specific pages
  • and much more

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