Customer Relationship Managment

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Customer Relationship Management can be the most important aspect of any business regardless of which industry it may be in. Relationship Management approaches the customer as an individual entity and involves gathering pertinent information about requirements, customer enquiries and important communication with the customer. Intoweb is a South African Information Technology company with 8 years experience and we offer an Intranet system that deals with the aspect of keeping track of customer relations.

1. Keeping Track of Customer Information
2. Keeping Track of Communication with the Client
3. Keeping Track of Email Requests by the Customer

1. Keeping Track of Customer Information
Storing Customer information into a database can be one of the most valuable forms of Customer Relationship Management. At Intoweb it is possible to develope a database containing detailed customer information that management and salespeople can reference in order to match customer needs with products, inform customers of service requirements. Generally the database connects to an intranet that personell in the company can access and generate reports from. The type of information inputed into the database varies with each companies needs. This is why Intoweb offers customisable intranet solutions.

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2. Keeping Track of Communication with the Client
Intoweb is one of the few companies in South Africa to effectively implement a record of communications with the client. This prevents two different people in the company from saying two different things to the client. All the communication between employees within the company and the Customer is stored in the database to ensure that no double meanings or different prices for example are offered to the client.

3. Keeping track of Email Requests by the Customer
Once a client emails the company, the email gets placed into a queue. This queue is then processed by an employee dealing with the specific request of the client. This enables an effective way of tracking client queries and dealing with important requests sent through by the client. This method of keeping track of client email requests is also recorded in the database for reference later, should the issue come up again.

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