Template Design: An accurate definition for the term "template" is given as a design document to be used as a starting point for a website resulting from the preset format it contains. It is therefore no wonder why template designs are slowly becoming a popular choice for clients when it comes to the initial process of website design and development. Intoweb is known for offering options in template design and the complementing service of template design modification to all those interested in getting a website created and loaded onto the Internet in the shortest duration of time possible.

We have the capability to create professional-looking websites that conform to a set "template" standard and yet remain undeniably unique. To elaborate on this, even though we make use of template designs, a client can be reassured that their website will possess a unique design that is ideal for the image of their company and product. Furthermore, template design modifications are available as an option to clients who wish to have their website adapted or changed further down the line after the website creation process has been completed in its entirety.

Here at Intoweb we stand firm in the belief that the creation of web pages and homepages is to be professional, of an extremely high standard and exactly what a client wishes to get out from this process. The use of template designs as such offers clients a reliable standard in website design. Clients are given the initiating power in the design process with the ability to choose exactly what they want from the options in the list of template designs available. Intoweb can therefore ensure that every clients individual needs and desired choice in web page and homepage design will be met.

Cost of Template Design and Template Design Modification

The template designs and consequential template design modifications performed by Intoweb are cost-effective and anyone wanting to start a website should therefore consider this option first. Intoweb offers clients a wide variety of available options in template design from which they can choose. Information regarding the costs for template design and template design modification are displayed below:

  • The purchase of a design concept from the list of template designs made available by Intoweb costs a client R 2500
  • For the added benefit of template design modification a client will be charged R 250 for every hour spent on the website thereafter
With reflection on the information mentioned above regarding our services in template design and template design modification it can be concluded that our costs are

reasonable with consideration of the plentitude of benefits which come along with them. With these services a client can be assured that they will receive considerable value for their money. This is because Intoweb is the best web developer in South Africa with regard to the design of web pages and homepages and now this innovative new service of template design and modification.

Benefits of Template Design

The benefits linked to the use and application of design templates are endless as they not only meet the approval of our clients but our web design and development team appreciate them on a daily basis as well for the reason that they no longer have to begin website creation from scratch, reducing time spent on the initial designing of a web site. The subsequent benefits achieved through the implementation of template design as the beginning process of creating a web site are listed below:

  • Clients can choose what they want with regard to web site design beforehand
  • Design time and product delivery is cut by two-thirds
  • Intoweb can still modify template designs to match unique client needs and desires
  • Costs are reduced
  • Design templates comply with international standards
  • Industry-specific template designs are available for clients to choose from
  • Websites can be connected to content management and e-commerce
  • The addition of online marketing is still possible

To conclude, template design makes sure that web page and homepage design and development is done properly the first time around. Subsequently Intoweb strives to create websites that are true to each company and nature of product and we have the experience and necessary skills to make this happen. Our web page design and development team is exceptionally skilled and a client can thus expect a professional website after adaptations have been made to their chosen template design through template design modification to suit their specific company and product.