What is e-business?

e-Business can be defined as the transformation of key business processes through the use of computer and internet technology.

With the world moving towards a global community and ever increasing changes in the way people do business, incorporating internet technology into your core business processes, you start to achieve real business value.

Many companies world wide uses ebusiness methods such as the Internet to communicate with their clients, partners and to do transactions via e-commerce. e-Business is therefore described as traditional information that meets the technology of the Internet face to face.

e-Business allows people to do their business in a more meaningful and efficient way. A company that is considered an e-business company is a company that can adapt to continual and rapid change.

How can we help you?

Intoweb is an e-business company that has a lot of experience in e-business solutions. The packages we offer helps you to put your business on track in the e-business world where things are rapidly changing. We can provide web development, training, internet services and Linux server installations. Our online marketing solution puts you right into the center of e-business technology by providing you with enough exposure on the Internet to ensure that you will receive visitors to your business' website.

For the slightly more enthusiastic, Intoweb can provide online shopping websites for moving everything completely to the e-business world.

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