E-commerce plays an important role in the buying and selling of products on websites. Every company, organization or individual wants to put their best foot forward and make it as easy as possible for clients to buy products presented by them. The Internet trade as we know it today relies heavily upon on-line buying and selling via Visa and Mastercards. The Internet allows you to buy almost anything on-line, from the comfort of your own home.

At Intoweb we believe in high quality, professional and unique web design for your website. We strive to create designs that stay true to the nature of the product and provide website E-commerce systems to make the websites we design as professional, user-friendly and convenient as possible. We have several years experience with a skilled graphic design and programming team. A huge variety of products, including E-commerce websites are offered by us.

E-commerce is defined as the conducting of business communication and transactions over networks and through computers and is used specifically for the buying and selling of goods and services, and the transfer of funds, through digital communications.

Fraud ABC

The Fraud ABC group fights the battle against any financial fraud in South Africa. Intoweb is proud to have designed this site, fully enabled with E-commerce for clients wanting to buy the latest Red Flags text book.

Audit Excel

This website has a professional web design that has been designed for Search Engine purposes. The site receives a high ranking for targeted keywords in Google and other search engines, and is also an E-commerce site, enable clients to download and buy products on-line.

But E-commerce is not the only way that clients can pay on-line for goods being purchased. Paypal is another method for buying and selling on-line, and can be described as a system that allows you to send money to anyone via email. It works with a credit card and checking account. One of the Paypal enabled websites that Intoweb has designed is Red-I-Laser.

Red-I-Laser's core business is to specialize in the manufacture of any type bore sight. Internal bore sights are their main production line, and they custom make any front load bore sight on special order, especially smaller diameters from .17 and larger calibers such as the 40mm grenade launcher where the internal bore sight is not suitable. If you are into hunting game, Red-I-Laser is a business you might like to visit.

The Paypal enabled website allows orders on-line and can therefore even get orders from overseas. Red-I-Laser is also on our SEO solution to gain maximum exposure in search engines.

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