eMarketing is the Marketing side of eCommerce. It includes company efforts to communicate about, promote, and sell products and services over the Internet.

Marketing over the internet

When done correctly, eMarketing affords companies the opportunity to reach many potential and existing clients 24 hours a day with minimal effort to themselves. Consumers can learn about products through ones website, as well as purchase them, at any hour. One of the benefits associated with eMarketing is the accessibility of information.

eCommerce and eMarketing

E-Commerce has redefined the marketplace, altered business strategies, and allowed global competition between local businesses. The term “electronic commerce” has evolved from meaning simply electronic shopping to representing all aspects of business and market processes enabled by the Internet and other digital technologies and is often placed under the universal term eMarketing.

Whether you have (or want) a fully enabled eCommerce website (ie with online payment facilities) or you simply wish to market available products online, eMarketing is essential to catch a potential clients attention. No matter what the complexity of your website it needs to

  1. Be easy for the client to find.
  2. Look professional and appealing.
  3. Function simply and effectively.
  4. Be actively promoted to remind clients of your product and/or service offer

1. Make a website easy for the client to find - Search Engine Marketing
   Search Engine Optimisation increases the amount of visitors to your website and provide you with statistics

  • Which pages visitors visit the most
  • What days and hours of the week they most often visit your website
  • A percentage breakdown of how long visitors stay on your website
  • What keywords are being used in search engines to find your website
  • What search engines visitors enter your website from
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2. Professional and appealing websites - Website Design
   Initial website design to appeal to and inform your desired target market. The intoweb Design and development teams aim to produce websites which are both functional and beneficial to your company image.
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4. Function simply and effectively. eCommerce and Programming
   Often simple and ordered content on a website will be more appealing to a client. Someone surfing to your website should easily be able to find and order products, and be able to contact you for services. Intoweb offers both eCommerce websites and updatable pages for websites.

3. Be actively promoted to remind clients of your product and/or service offer
Online Promotions
Promotional design can be provided as either static banners or as flash animations. (The banner at the top right hand corner of this page would be an example of Flash promotion.) Intoweb makes it possible to update your website with eyecatching promotions and keep clients coming back to your website.

  b) Online Newsletters
Newsletter systems developed by Intoweb are incorporated with a database of clients which can be divided into seperate mailing lists. Design of newsletter templates is also available. At Intoweb internet marketing strategies are spam free and an unsubscribe feature is always included in our newsletter templates.

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