Intoweb is a company that possesses business analyst capabilities. We are specialists within the IT industry and believe in incorporating the best IT solutions to meet each firm’s individual needs. What is appropriate for one company may not be suitable or cost-effective for another. Together with our team of experts we can assist you in determining and providing solutions that will be best for you!

We’ll assist you in improving your business and outsmarting your competitors with our business analyst capabilities. Our IT specialists will draw up suitable business proposals and present you with technical specs. We will also provide you with free quotes that are most cost-effective to meet your specific needs.

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Our e-Consultancy Services
Our team performs functions that reflect the activities of a business analyst. A business analyst is an expert that has a thorough understanding of both IT and business and has the capability to link these effectively in an organisation. A business analyst typically assesses the needs of an organisation and provides “best fit” solutions to meet individual requirements.

Our business analyst capabilities
We believe that many heads are better than one and therefore make use of a team when it comes to analysing your individual IT needs. Our team comprises a number of individuals who are experts in their field and together develop customised IT solutions that are the most suitable and cost-effective for your specific organisation.

We have years of experience within the IT industry and our list of business analyst capabilities are endless. A number of these capabilities include:

  • Conducting needs analysis assessments
  • Troubleshooting / creative problem solving skills
  • The ability to analyse, translate and define business requirements into technical solutions
  • We are able to develop customised strategic and technology planning approaches
  • Our IT specialists are analytical thinkers who have a broad understanding of a wide variety of technologies that can be deployed to solve business problems
  • Our team possesses a thorough understanding of systems thinking (i.e., system integration, deconstruction and gap analysis) and an abundant knowledge of software development

What will we do?

Following the basic needs assessment, we will draw up a proposal that contains details of what analytically appears to be the best solution for your firm. This will be refined and redrafted after further discussion according to your individual needs.

Technical specifications
After the business proposal has been drawn up, we will provide you with a more technical proposal that contains specific details on what will be done on the front-end as well as the back-end.

Free quotations
Taking the above process into consideration, we will then draw up an estimate of how this solution can be implemented into your organisation in the most cost effective manner.

We are a business that functions within the IT industry and understands the importance of technology within the business environment today. It is for this reason that our team is one of the best to assist you in implementing cost-effective solutions that will create incredible benefits for your firm.

We can assist you in capitalising on the benefits brought about by technology and employ technology into your organisation that will ultimately aid you in:

  • Increasing your overall profits
  • Ensuring more efficient operations
  • Enhancing communication amongst all stakeholders
  • Constantly remaining ahead of your competition

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