Adobe Photoshop CS2 is a premier photo and image editing tool for use in a number of professional industries such as photography, graphic design, engineering, architecture, science, healthcare professionals, and film and video. Intoweb focuses on providing good photoshop tutorials, with graphic design generally in mind, The reason for this key focus is that Intoweb knows the benefits of how Adobe Photoshop CS2 can help graphic designers in making their websites and website graphics come alive. Good photoshop tutorials provided for optimising the learning of Adobe Photoshop CS2 emphasise the following functions and capabilities of this software:

  • creating rich compositions of hundreds of layers
  • design graphics that incorporate high-resolution vector data from Adobe Illustrator Software
  • warp images with complete control
  • manage colour at the pixel level
  • the ability to get the design process done in much less time

Photoshop Actions

In order to adequately discuss Photoshop actions, a clear definition needs to be considered, to pertain what an action in fact is. A Photoshop action can be defined as: "Adobe Photoshop includes the ability to record commands and tool operations in real-time, saving them in a script known as an 'action'. When an action is played back it will execute all the recorded steps and apply changes to an image. An action can also be used in conjunction with Photoshop's automation tools forming the basis of a batch that will apply the same settings to a 'batch' of many images". Actions are available in a number of categories which include image enhancements, frames, mattes, sharpeners, correction tools, editing and highlight recovery tools.

A great selection of actions is available from a number of sources for use in the faster creation of applications in Adobe Photoshop CS2. These actions can be discussed as:

  • Variations in Colour and Density: This Photoshop action is used to create multiple copies of a specific area of an image changing the colours and its density value. This is great for testing the output of an image to a printer if you do not have a profile for your printer or choose to not use a colour managed workflow.
  • Nine Different Effects: Photoshop action for the creation of nine different versions of an image. The effects which can be created include a colour version, black and white, sepia toned, etc. on a single template page. To actually work, the template page needs to be created first and used as a background sheet for this action.
  • Saving Out Snapshots: Using this action means acting upon the following steps: choose the bottom action in the History palette and play the action. Hereafter, each snapshot in the file will be saved to a separate file by selecting the snapshot, creating a new file, saving the new file, and choosing the new file, The command sequence can be repeated until 5 snapshots have been saved as separate documents.
  • The Stippled Effect: The application of the monochrome stippled effect to an image.

How Intoweb Can Help:

The good informative Photoshop tutorials of Intoweb in Photoshop CS2 will teach you the necessary skills required for the appropriate use of the Photoshop elements in the software. These good Photoshop tutorials emphasise the skills needed to learn to master Photoshop CS2. The tutorials offered in our training courses are interactive and focus on learning by implementing rather than by reading a textbook. After attending our good Photoshop tutorials you will be able to create realistic photo images with Photoshop software and the Photoshop elements included for use. Intoweb further includes, training in features under utilized and even overlooked, to create more powerful effects than previously done. With the Intoweb’s Photoshop tutorials, learning Photoshop is most enjoyable.

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